A Secret Promise

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Can a billionaire playboy businessman survive penniless in Manhattan?

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Billionaire businessman and playboy Ferro Olivetti (Alfieri) enjoys the privileges and perks of his social stature, but on his father's deathbed he promises to obey his father's last wish and spend one month away from his identity and money. A Secret Promise stars Victor Alfieri (The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone), veteran actress Ione Skye, award-winning actress Talia Shire and Ron Silver in what would be his final role before his death.


Victor Alfieri, Ferro Olivetti
Ione Skye, Diana Mancini
Ron Silver, Dunbar
Gerry Bamman, Stuart Curtis
Talia Shire, Mrs. Mancini
William Wise, Mr. Mancini
Michael Boatman, Lorence
Yvonna Kopacz, Jennifer
Melissa Claire Egan, Laura
María Cellario, Helena
Matt Newton, Fred Evans
Alonzo Saunders, Timothy
Kelly Sullivan, Cassandra
Mario D'Leon, Thug
Thelma Barber, Barbara
Lou Martini Jr, Sneezing Priest
Directed By:
Fred Manocherian
Written By:
Fred Manocherian
Produced by:
Vince P. Maggio
"Best Actor - Victor Alfieri" Bel Air Film Festival
Opening Night Selection, Bel Air Film Festival
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DP? Fred Manocherian - Writer-Director Gary Baman_2 Gary Baman Ione & Victor_2 Ione Skye_2 Michael Boatman & Victor Michael Boatman My Father's Will Tom LeGoff 3_17_2007 323 Ron Silver_2 Ron Silver Talia Shire & Ione Skye Talia Shire Victor & Fero's Mother  Victor Alfieri_1 Victor Alfieri_2