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Synopsis: Four applicants, with their own hidden agendas, are accepted by a mysterious corporation to participate in a medical experiment at an isolated testing facility.

With no instructions and no supplies, the human lab rats must fend for themselves and figure out what part of the experiment each one is playing. When the corporation becomes aware that a pregnant intruder has infiltrated the facility, they send in armored guards to clean up the mess. However, loyalties are tested when the guards learn the truth about the experiments and begin to turn on the corporation. Hidden truths about the different players and why they all signed up for the tests are revealed as their situation becomes increasingly dire.




NR - Expected rating would be R




Brandon Auret ... William HunterClive Gilson ... Colin NortonCraig Hawks ... ReeceChristien Le Roux ... Megan DonovanRyan Macquet ... Jake ButlerAlex Radntiz ... De La RossaNicolas Rasenti ... BriggsIngeborg Riedmaier ... Samantha FoxxJustin Strydom ... Le RouxMichael Thompson ... Dominic Black

Directed by

Alastair Orr

Written by

Alastair OrrJonathan Jordaan

Produced by

Jack Darier ... executive producerPhil Gorn ... producerRyan Macquet ... producerAlastair Orr ... producer


Country of Origin

South Africa

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