Reclaim Your Brain

Determined to fight TV’s dumbing down of society, Rainer and his band of misfits take on the network execs and save culture and the people.

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Successful TV producer Rainer has it all: big salary, luxurious penthouse, high life, hot car, even hotter girlfriend. The 30-something go-getter has reached the top by creating TV shows of the most stupid and vulgar kind. In his latest hit, a man gets the privilege of fathering a woman’s child if his spermatozoid wins a microscopic race to fertilize an ovum! One day, a mysterious young woman Pegah vengefully drives full speed into Rainer’s car. After this near-death experience, Rainer has a major change of heart and decides to produce a thought-provoking news show for his station’s prime-time lineup. Devastated by the show’s poor ratings, Rainer quits his job and embarks on an investigation of the audience measurement system that keeps intelligence insulting programs at Number One. Teaming up with the beautiful Pegah and a gang of unemployed social misfits, Rainer sets out to prove that a conspiracy surrounds the boxes used in select households to estimate audience percentage. Determined to fight television’s dumbing down of society, Rainer and his new friends eventually go all the way with an intricate and ingenious plan to get the public interested in quality cultural programs. But the station execs who live off audience hunger for brainless TV are not willing to give up what they have ruthlessly built over the years …


Moritz Bleibtreu ... Rainer Kuhhirt
Elsa Sophie Gambard ... Pegah
Milan Peschel ... Phillip
Gregor Bloéb ... Maiwald
Tom Jahn ... Bernd
Andreas Brandt ... Karl-Heinz
Robert Viktor Minich ... Harry
Ralf Knicker ... Sebastian
Irshad Panjatan ... Gopal
Simone Hanselmann ... Anna
Directed By:
Hans Weingartner
Written By:
Katharina Held
Hans Weingartner
Produced by:
Barbara Albert
Martin Gschlacht
Jessica Hausner
Antonin Svoboda
Hans Weingartner
Nominated: Best Foreign Comedy Trailer, Golden Trailer Awards, 2008
Nominated: Romy for Favorite Actor, Romy Gala, 2008
Nominated: Golden Seashell, San Sebastian Film Festival, 2007
Winner: Best Young Actress, Undine Awards, 2008
Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival, 2007
Official Selection: Berlin International Film Festival, 2007
Official Selection: Vienna International Film Festival, 2007
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