The Holy Land of Tyrol

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An epic period story of love & loyalty at the end of the Napoleonic Wars in the Tyrolean Alps.

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Katharina, fleeing with her husband after he murders another man, endures isolation in a new land, rejection from her in-laws, extreme poverty & the ravages of war. A period story of love & loyalty unfolds as she is forced to make a fateful decision about her husband & her own life.


Inga Birkenfeld ... Katharina Heimstedt Egger
Wolfgang Menardi ... Franz Egger
Manfred-Anton Algrang ... Hermann Egger
Verena Plangger ... Elisabeth Egger
Martin Abram ... Gallus Egger
Verena Buratti ... Anna Hofer
Gerd Anthoff ... Dr. Ludwig Heimstedt
Eisi Gulp ... Erik
Felix Rech ... Sergent
Martin Thaler ... Franz Raffl
Annabel Faber ... Dienstmädchen Amelia
Mathieu Carrière ... Capitaine
Klaus Gurschler ... Andreas Hofer
Directed By:
Philipp J. Pamer
Written By:
Philipp J. Pamer
Produced by:
Khaled Kaissar
Konrad Pamer
Philipp J. Pamer
Florian Reimann
"Audience Award" Filmfest München
"Best Historical Film" Shanghai International Film Festival
Audience Award: Lessinia International Film Festival
Sao Paulo International Film Festival
Cleveland International Film Festival
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