Jewish Film Festival
THE JEWISH FILM FOUNDATION (JFF) is dedicated to the procurement, preservation, and promotion of Jewish, Shoah, and Israeli films and series. Working together with content creators, licensors, and film commissions from around the world, the JFF intends to build and preserve a significant library of content featured in past, present, and future Jewish and Israeli Film Festival seasons as well as other meaningful and significant works that are submitted to the Foundation through this Form. Building a partnership network of film festivals, temple educators, student / campus organizations, JCC’s, community leaders, and non-profit organizations, will provide an avenue for content to be presented to audiences promoting entertainment, engagement, awareness, remembrance, and community. THE JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL CHANNEL on Film Festival Flix is the exclusive streaming / on demand channel for the Jewish Film Foundation library of films and series. The Channel will be available to audiences on the Film Festival Flix website, smart TV and mobile apps, and on 3rd party streaming platforms where Film Festival Flix may be offered. Selected Films will be further promoted and licensed to Jewish and Israeli Film Festivals, Temple Educators, Hillel and other student / campus organizations, JCC’s, community leaders, and other public event exhibitions through the Film Festival Flix Exhibitor Showroom digital licensing tool.
Drafthouse Films
DESTROYING THE BARRIERS BETWEEN GRINDHOUSE AND ARTHOUSE. Drafthouse Films, the film distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, is a curated brand of provocative, visionary and artfully unusual films new and old from around the world. Following the earnestly simple motto of “sharing the films we love with widest audience possible,” Drafthouse Films debuted in 2010 with the theatrical release of Four Lions, which was named one of Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Films Of The Year.” The company's second release Bullhead was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar® in 2012, followed by internationally celebrated Danish comedy Klown, which has been slated for a US remake. The release of Joshua Oppenheimer’s groundbreaking documentary The Act Of Killing, produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog won top prizes at festivals worldwide and earned the year's strongest box office opening for a documentary in 2013, as well as receiving a nomination from the Academy Awards® for Best Documentary Feature, with the 2015 release of Oppenheimer’s companion film, The Look of Silence, receiving the same honor. The slate has included such diverse and acclaimed films as the cult, phenomenon Miami Connection; 2013 SXSW Midnight Audience Award black comedy/thriller Cheap Thrills; Ben Wheatley's "psychedelic trip into magic and madness" A Field In England, the Netherlands' official 2014 Oscar® entry Borgman; Japanese auteur Sion Sono's Toronto International Film Festival Audience Award-winning Why Don't You Play In Hell?; Ari Folman's epic sci-fi animated/live-action hybrid The Congress starring Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, and Jon Hamm; the audacious and award-winning Ukrainian sign language drama The Tribe; Karyn Kusama’s nerve-jangling thriller The Invitation; the bizarro Men & Chicken, starring a hilariously unrecognizable Mads Mikkelsen; and many more. Drafthouse Films distributes films theatrically, [...]
International Films with an Edge! Artsploitation Films presents intriguing, unsettling, unpredictable and provocative films to an audience long numbed by filmic predictability.Artsploitation connotes that perfect blend of genre/exploitation films with traditional art cinema. So be they international thrillers, blood-spurting horror, art house dramas or just plain weird and wonderful, they are all part of the Artsploitation Films family. You may not like all of what we present but we hope you’ll be at least be intrigued into watching.“Artsploitation Films embraces international horror like no other distributor. They are a trusted brand that continue to keep quality scares coming movie after movie.” –
Vertical Life Film Festival
VERTICAL LIFE FILM FESTIVAL Climbing Magazine presents a monthly collection of the worlds best climbing films to inspire your vertical adventures. 10 films will be presented in competition from the best Adventure Filmmakers on the planet. The top five films, by audience vote (Your Vote), from the previous month will be remain available to be sure you don't miss out, and five new films are showcased for discovery.   WATCH THE FILMS, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES, AND BE INSPIRED!
South East Asian Global Martial Arts
SOUTH EAST ASIAN GLOBAL MARTIAL ARTS This channel is dedicated to the study, sharing, and celebration of the South East Asian Martial Arts and the Guru, Guro, and Sifu / Sigung who have mastered these arts. The martial arts showcased here include: Pentjak Silat, (Sear(h,k), Kun Tao, Kali, Escrima, Arnis, Muay Boran, Muay Chaiya, and more.   For more information, please visit our Facebook Page and Website. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot at the 2019 SEAGMA Festival in Irvine, CA. May 3rd - 5th
M.A.F.F. GATHERING The Mountain & Adventure Film Festival Gathering is a 3 day festival celebrating Southern California's outdoor community, brands and lifestyle. The Festival's mission is to connect outdoor enthusiasts and the outdoor curious with our SoCal outdoor community. Drawing from our lifetime of experiences and connections, we're offering education, instruction, insider access to premiere brands... everything necessary to power your outdoor adventures! Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in climbing, slacklining, yoga and skateboarding events; watch professional demos; participate in open contests; engage with pro athletes, outdoor industry brands and advocacy experts; browse vendor tables and get festival only deals on equipment; enjoy music, friendship, eating, drinking, and of course, watch awe-inspiring films! Capacity is limited, so reserve your space today! MAFF Gathering: September 28th-30th, 2018 Benefitting: The Access Fund and American Alpine Club
EQUUS Film Festival
EQUUS FILM FESTIVAL Highlighting and awarding the diverse and creative efforts of those who artistically pay homage to the horse. The festival empowers storytellers to show the rich history and diverse tapestry of horses in human culture through equestrian content. Founded in 2013, we are the world’s premier showcase for domestic and international feature films, documentaries and shorts, in which the horse is put center stage. Hundreds of films have gained recognition, found international distribution and reached global audiences via the festival. We believe that film holds the power to experience a story in the most compelling way. Watch and discover films curated for you, streaming on the EQUUS Film Festival Channel at Film Festival Flix.
PENTJAK SILAT USA: ANAKSERAK THE OFFICIAL HOME OF THE COMPLETE ANAKSERAK MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO SERIES. Membership as a scholar will be open to anyone interested in gaining proficiency in the self-defense aspects of Pentjak Silat AnakSerak.   Your host, Sepuh Andre has gained recognition in the United States, Europe and Asia as a talented teacher who brings clarity to difficult theories and principles related to the study and training of Pentjak Silat. His seminars and workshops have been well received the world over by military as well as law enforcement and he has been a guest teacher sharing the stage with such notables as Guru Dan Inosanto, Sigung Willem De Thouars, Guru Besar James Ingram, the late grandmaster Rudy ter Linden, Sir Don Kessing, Maha Guru Victor De Thouars, Sifu Janet Gee, Guru Steven Plinck and other gifted teachers.   For more information please visit the Anakserak Facebook Page and Website. To be recognized as a student of AnakSerak, and to receive member only information, be sure to register with the AnakSerak SAMA Alliance.
Festival Screening Room
MOUNTAIN & ADVENTURE FILM SERIES Inspiring films featuring world class adventure sports athletes, explorers, and conservation experts, pushing boundaries in the remote corners of the planet! Attract a younger / Millennial generation audience to your venue. Entertain and engage your audience with awe-inspiring films. Event activation and promotional support from major outdoor industry brands. Increase sales! Screen the Films | Book Your Series Today!
IndieFest International
IndieFest International Discover great Independent and Foreign Language movies from around the world and the filmmakers who Inspire, Engage, Challenge, and Entertain us with their stories!Each month, we're curating a collection of 10 Independent and Foreign Language Films from festivals around the world. The top five films, by audience vote, from the previous month will be remain available to be sure you don't miss out, and five new films are showcased for discovery. Subscribe for 12 months of inspiring films, or purchase a 30 day pass. You'll have 24 hour a day, streaming access, to all 10 films each month. You'll also have access to the previous months' "Best Films" and exclusive interviews with filmmakers.WATCH THE FILMS, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES, AND EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS!
Halloween Horror Fest
Halloween Horror Fest Halloween is near! DON'T WATCH ALONE! Grab your friends and try to survive. These films terrify, disgust, and disturb us. We know you'll be up all night! How many films can you take? Watch the Films and BE DISTURBED! SUBSCRIBE ($4.99/month) OR BUY A PASS ($7.99)START STREAMING ALL THE MOVIES NOW! ATTEND LIVE: October 25 – 27, 2018 LOCATION: Park Avenue Cinema | 960 Park Ave, Meadville, PA 16335 FILM SCHEDULE:Thursday: 7:30pm – 11:00 pm Friday: 1:00pm – 11:00pm Saturday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm (close for Parade) 9:00pm – 11:00pm TICKETS: $5 Per block or $45 for 3 Day Pass – Purchase at the door
Mountain and Adventure Film Festival
MOUNTAIN & ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL Celebrating world class athletes, explorers, filmmakers, adventures and awe-inspiring locations from the remote corners of the planet! Each month, we're curating a collection of 10 films from the best Adventure Filmmakers on the planet. The top five films, by audience vote, from the previous month will be remain available to be sure you don't miss out, and five new films are showcased for discovery. Subscribe for 12 months of inspiring films, or purchase a 30 day pass. You'll have 24 hour a day, streaming access, to all 10 films each month. You'll also have access to the previous months' "Best Films" plus exclusive interviews with world-class athletes and filmmakers. WATCH THE FILMS, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES, AND BE INSPIRED!

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