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Tera Wong delivers Chinese food for her mother’s struggling restaurant located in the “Low Bottoms,” an infamous Los Angeles project. Everyone around her, including her unpredictable brother, are financially trapped in this crime and violence-ridden neighborhood. That is until Tera takes a job from the local drug Kingpin, moving his “product” inside her takeout food boxes. With the cash rolling in, Tera intends to move the family restaurant to the suburbs and go clean. But after a series of tragic events, the dream that Tera built on a foundation of lies may crumble.

Run Time

98 minutes


Hedy Wong (Tera Wong)
Ski Carr (Lalo)
Lynna Yee (Wavy Wong)
Lorin Ly (Saren Wong)
Teddy Garces (Hector)
Dijon Talton (Nate)

Directed by

Hisonni Johnson

Produced by

Melissa Del Rosario
J. Spencer
Dijon Talton

Executive Producer

Hisonni Johnson
Alberto Triana
Hedy Wong

Edited by

Hisonni Johnson
Alberto Triana
Sam Zapian


Alberto Triana
Hisonni Johnson

Director's Statement

Take Out Girl is meant to bridge the gap between the “Haves” and “Have-nots” by dramatizing a situation that could motivate a person with great potential to choose a life of crime. American prisons are full of low-level drug dealers. The general sentiment toward those prisoners is, “They Broke the law and deserved the punishment they get. They’re bad people.” But is it that simple? In Take Out Girl, we depict both a family and a neighborhood in which crime is passed down from one generation to the next via environmental influence or sheer desperation.

Country of Origin


Production Year



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