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Synopsis: Aaron Trow, greatest outlaw this side of the Mississippi, has just escaped from jail and is on the lam. Meanwhile, in the nearby frontier town of Plymouth Flats, Ana the preacher’s wife is left home alone by her husband Caleb. Out of seemingly nowhere, Aaron breaks into Ana’s cottage and proceeds to terrorize her into feeding him dinner. When Ana confronts his errant behavior, Aaron retaliates the only way he knows how; with violence, before disappearing into the night. After trying unsuccessfully to enlist the help of local law enforcement and her cowardly husband, Ana decides to take matters into her own hands. Will justice be served? Will Ana be able to stop Aaron before he strikes again? And what’s up with the three dysfunctional bounty hunters who just showed up in Plymouth Flats?



Run Time

43 minutes


Sarah Joy Byington (Ana)
Justin Heller (Caleb, Aaron Trow, Lefty)

Directed by

Aaron Levine

Written by

Justin Heller

Executive Producer

Gerry King

Edited by

Trey Burch


Isaiah Rendon

Director's Statement

For me “Milk for Violence” is a referendum on the toxic masculinity that our society has for so long revered. In the past decade, we have seen dozens of social movements created precisely on the idea that men (usually white men) abuse their power. Our society is inundated with the image of men actively abusing their power – and beside them are the men who passively, through their inaction, uphold the oppressive structure. 

“Milk for Violence” reimagines and restructures what masculinity is and can be, what right and wrong is and should be. With “Milk for Violence,” we wanted to attack the outdated notions of masculinity – a lack of accountability, a false sense of bravado, unthinking deceitfulness, and the idea that violence or a perceived violent reputation is something to aspire to. In reality, those concepts result in fear, oppression, death of innocent people, and an ineffective, unstructured society. In “Milk for Violence,” we let our main female character rework the failures of men past. 
And, of course, she might just be the best cowboy the world’s ever seen.


Aaron Levine

Director's Bio

Aaron Levine is a 2018 MFA graduate from DePaul University’s Cinematic Arts program. Aaron’s continued goal as a filmmaker is to blend his theoretical inclinations with narrative filmmaking, in hopes to provide unique and provoking experiences for his audiences.

Production Year


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