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Synopsis: In December of 2016 the giraffe species was reclassified as “Vulnerable to Extinction” on the IUCN Red List, after research showed
that their population has decreased by 40% since 1999. Luckily, news of this classification spread like wildfire and the question now
circulating throughout the globe is: what is being done to stop the giraffe decline?
At the southernmost tip of Africa — following the success of NatGeo WILD’s Walking With Giraffes, the first film to bring global
awareness to the threats affecting giraffe populations — the world’s preeminent giraffe researcher, Dr. Francois Deacon, is
embarking on the most ambitious project of his career and perhaps the most ambitious project in giraffe conservation to date.
On the rugged and untamed plains of South Africa’s Rooipoort Nature Reserve, Dr. Deacon will set out to capture and GPS collar 20
giraffes, a project that will enable him to study these giraffes’ every move and behavior over the next year. Joining him on this wild
expedition are renowned researchers from various parts of the world, each with unique scientific backgrounds. The team’s mission
is to address various scientific questions about giraffe that have yet to be answered. Each biologist, with their own goals and
objectives, will provide one piece of the puzzle of information needed to save giraffes from extinction.
This tenacious team will risk their lives as they venture into the enchanted environment of the Northern Cape to study and protect a
species that the world seems to have forgotten. Saving Giants is a dangerous game, since a well placed kick from one of these
large and powerful creatures can cause serious injuries, with the potential to be fatal. Many challenges will arise, from logistics to
maintaining safety of the wildlife and research team themselves.
The true value of Saving Giants lies in the fact that the results of Dr Deacon’s project and the discoveries made by his world leading
biologists can be applied by wildlife managers and conservationists to giraffe populations throughout the continent of Africa. For
Francois and his family, saving Africa’s giraffes is not just a passion, but their mission.


Not Rated



Run Time

88 minutes

Directed by

Ashley Scott Davison

Edited by

Brent Ramirez


Julie Creveling

Prod. Company

Iniosante inc -

Director's Bio

Ashley Scott Davison | With a passion for unique storytelling and a gift for perseverance in the toughest of situations, Ashley
Scott Davison has worked on hundreds of productions since founding iniosante inc in 2004, including directing, editing, &
producing NatGeo WILD’s Walking With Giraffes. Ash graduated from Colorado State University in 2001 with a degree in Fashion Design and later attended Colorado Film School where he honed his cinematic craft. His years of work have led him across the wilds of Africa on a quest to produce documentaries that seek to protect our environment. Ashley has served on a number of boards and committees aimed at steering economic development in New Braunfels, Texas where he resides with his wife, two boys, two dogs, and two Jeeps. Always the passionate storyteller, if Ash is not making a movie then you can be dang sure he’s planning one. He’s credited as a Director, Producer, 1st Unit Camera/Sound, Editor, Writer, and Narrator for Catching Giants (alt title: Saving Giants).


Wildlife Conservation Film Festival - United States - 2018

BEST FEATURE FILM (Ashley Scott Davison)

WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival - 2019

Special Jury Award (Ashley Scott Davison)


Changing Face International Film FestivaL - United States - 2019

Best Feature Documentary

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website

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