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Synopsis: Set during an ambigious time after World War II, the United States and Japan set the stage for a boxing match in Tokyo, Japan. During the press conference for the highly anticipated match, the undefeated Japanese champion Masahiro, recollects his search in the winter wilderness for the reclusive former champion, Tetsuro Tokugawa to train him. We mirror Masahiro’s struggle to find Tokugawa with Clint Sullivan’s offer from the Yakuza to take a dive in the fourth round in order to bring joy to the nation of Japan during it’s economic boom.

As Masahiro finally finds Tokugawa in the winter wilderness, he trains with him, utilizing Tokugawa’s strange techniques; each mirroring what Clint Sullivan is mentally struggling with in the locker room moments before their match. We shift back and forth between each fighter and their journey showing the various characters entering into Clint’s contemplative domain of the locker room, including his crooked business manager Silas Roanoke, his tough simplistic trainer Roane, and his stern pregnant wife Genevieve; all shedding their philosophical view on the world and how they affect Clint.

Alas, the two men finally meet for the first time after the press conference, showing great respect for each other. Pitted amongst the political tensions of the country, the Yakuza, their families and their own burning desires for greatness, their match tests the very limits of human spirit.




English, Japanese

Run Time

87 minutes


Tyler Wood (Lead)
Yusuke Ogasawara (Lead)
Hiroyuki Watanabe (Supporting)
Timothy V. Murphy (Supporting)
S. Scott McCracken (Supporting)

Directed by

Adam VillaSenor
Reza Ghassemi

Produced by

Jacob Stein
Kyle Stroud

Prod. Company

Phantom House Pictures -

Director's Statement

Coming from minority backgrounds in the United States, we saw our fathers struggle to build something for their sons and to make their own path and continue the fight of everyday life. From an early age, our fathers showed us films ranging from classic American films, foreign films and Japanese anime. The exposure to these films drove us to want to tell stories. Eventually, we decided to illustrate how we felt in our own lives through the world of boxing; trapped, free, hopeless, hopeful, full of dreams, and driven. In Full Bloom is a reflection of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles while making this film. Shooting in one of the most severe snowstorms in 20+ years was challenging. Then adding native Japanese actors to the mix, and a micro-crew, you can imagine the unique challenges we faced. From wrecked snowmobiles to frostbite and everything in between!

Director's Bio

Adam VillaSeñor and Reza Ghassemi are the writers and directors of their debut feature film “In Full Bloom.” Transitioning from directing commercials and music videos (Justin Bieber, Cobi, Skrillex, Diplo. etc) posed unique challenges for the directing duo. Completely immersed in the experience of making In Full Bloom, Adam and Reza wore many hats to carry this picture to the end. From financing to cinematography, production, location scouting,
production design, lighting, editing, visual effects, and even color grading. In Full Bloom is a true reflection of their artistic vision.

Country of Origin

Japan, USA

Production Year


Official Website


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