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Synopsis: When historians tell the story of the aftermath of the 2016 presidential elections, Resisterhood will be Exhibit A. This powerful documentary begins with a short, black and white montage of then-candidate Donald Trump showing the world who he is and the threat he represents to civil rights in the United States. This dark opening teaches (or reminds) the viewer why millions of people throughout the world, protested on Day 1 of his presidency. It is on this day at the Women’s March in Washington, DC, we meet the subjects of Resisterhood; six diverse American patriots who are fighting for social justice on the streets and in the halls of power. The film follows them for more than two years as they work to protect our rights and inspire others to join this peaceful and historic movement. Through their eyes, we experience the reality of Trump’s America. And through their actions, we see the strength and courage of ordinary Americans during this extraordinary time.

Jean (The Organizer) is the great-granddaughter of a suffragist who participated in the original women’s march in 1913. Jean’s political awakening begins the moment Trump is elected. She fights back by transforming her eight-member book club into the 400+ member Women’s Alliance for Democracy and Justice. 

Margaret (The Marcher) is a seasoned activist who marched from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. Now in her 80’s, Margaret’s legs are weak, but her determination to stand for justice is stronger than ever. She attends march after march inspiring everyone around her including her 12-year-old grand-nephew, Dallas.  

Luis and Soraida, (The Insiders) a U.S. Congressman and his wife, fight for the rights of Dreamers, immigrants, and families separated at the border. Share their delight when their daughter, Jessica, decides to run for Chicago’s City Council.  

Joanna (The Motivational Speaker) is a professional soccer player and self-proclaimed “Rainbow Warrior”. After a season-ending injury, Joanna uses this setback to transform herself into a role model standing up for gender equality and the rights of the LGBTQ community.

Mimi (The Candidate) becomes a victim of hate speech shortly after Trump is elected because she wears the hijab. She turns her fear into power as she runs for public office, much to the delight of her 15 grandchildren.

The inspiring subjects in Resisterhood protest, march, teach, speak, organize, run for office, and get arrested in an effort to protect our democracy and encourage people to VOTE. Through their actions, we learn that we all have the power to change our country for the better and that only by standing up for each other and making our voices heard will we be able to create a more perfect union. Resisterhood is what democracy looks like.




English, Spanish

Run Time

96 minutes


Congressman Luis Gutierrez
Soraida Gutierrez
Mimi Hassanein
Jean Gearon
Joanna Lohman
Margaret Morrison

Directed by

Cheryl Jacobs Crim

Executive Producer

Tom Gibian
Michael Holstein

Edited by

Paige Smith Lee

Director's Statement

The pandemic and social unrest raging through the United States in 2020 has exposed the fragile state of our democracy. Now more than ever, our nation needs an inspirational film about a diverse group of Americans standing up for each other and working to build a more just and generous America. That film is Resisterhood.

As the daughter of an Air Force officer, I was raised on American exceptionalism. I understood that the American dream was something so precious, it was worth fighting and dying for. After the 2016 presidential election, I knew I needed to use my skill as a filmmaker to amplify the voices of those fighting for the country I believe in.

There are so many “Oh, I forgot about that” moments in the film. But we cannot forget. We cannot become complacent. We must remember and we must continue to resist and fight for the changes we want to see.
Resisterhood embodies the idea that when we join together as a community to support and uplift each other – we are all better off. The diversity and determination of the people profiled in Resisterhood exemplify what is truly exceptional about America. The subjects of the film are inspiring and full of hope. And that is exactly what our country needs right now.

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