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Synopsis: Between being bored to death by a major bro and listening to an “actress” manifest her next role, Ben and Alexandria are officially on the worst dates of their lives. But once they make eye contact from across the room, an entirely different conversation begins.



Run Time

9 minutes


Karisa Tate (Alexandria)
Zachary Tinker (Ben)
Tyler Johnson (Chance)
Cait Fairbanks (Callie)
Christian Jules Le Blanc (Waiter)

Directed by

Mellinda Hensley

Written by

Matthew Clifford

Edited by

Ryan Hoog


Jordan McKittrick

Director's Statement

The inception for Across The Room was presented to me the way all good plans are: “I’ve got a dumb idea, tell me if you hate it.” My writing partner, Matt Clifford, wanted to make something fun. Something silly. Something he hadn’t seen before. He asked, “What if we made a short comprised almost entirely of looks and subtitles?” From there, he fleshed out the setting and the characters, the humor and the delivery, and the fun bow that tied it all together. We were lucky enough to have some very skilled actors agree to spend a Friday night with us at a restaurant in the Grove in Los Angeles. We were also very fortunate to work with two astounding crew members, our DP Jordan McKittrick and sound production from Alexandra Parral (who literally just travelled to the Olympics in Japan to work — yes, I’m fully aware that she’s cooler than me). But in a few short hours, our small cast and crew drank wine, played with crystals, and came out on the other side with short that we’re all proud of. Needless to say Matt, if you ever have another “dumb idea” — I’m all ears.

Director's Bio

Mellinda Hensley is a writer and director from a town in Indiana you’ve probably never heard of. Starting as an assistant on daytime’s #1 show, The Young and the Restless, she became an associate head writer by the age of 28 (and still tells people at cocktail parties that she switched babies for a living). In 2020, she received a WGA Award, Emmy nomination, and several angry tweets for her work in daytime. In case of emergency, she can be used as a flotation device.

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website



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