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Synopsis: When young priest, Father Carl, gets called by a terrified family to help their possessed daughter, he enlists the help of his spiritual doula friend to perform a good, ol’ fashioned exorcism. The only problem? Neither of them knows what they’re doing.



Run Time

10 minutes


Zach Tinker (Father Carl)
Christina Wolfgram (Spiritual Doula)
Michael Strassner (Mr. Blaire)
Katie O'Brien (Mrs. Blaire)
Ellie Grace Pomeroy (Possessed Girl)

Directed by

Jordan McKittrick


Craig Barker

Director's Statement

Carl the Exorcist is actually inspired by the characters. It’s actually a character piece in the setting of
a horror film. How would a mother and father really deal with their child being possessed? Might they
approach the situation differently? Should you reach for old rituals or new solutions? I wrote a feature
script that followed Carl’s journey into becoming an exorcist and wanted to experiment with the
material and that’s how the Carl the Exorcist short film came about.
This was a bootstrapped production – but I don’t think you can tell. I come from shooting internet
videos where I do every aspect of production. So, with this short I did most of the department head
roles myself – I didn’t have a producer, production designer, AD, or editor. The actors and DP are all
people I knew and had worked with before. The colorist is a guy I met in a bar like 9 years ago and
stayed in touch with (thanks, John!).
Most of the cool lamps and furniture in the film are pieces I scored on Craigslist and squeezed into my
Prius. Lots of people ask where the house we filmed at is – it’s actually two different houses in LA, one
of which is home to the Fancy Feast cat. We were in the presence of TV royalty, and that felt like a
great omen.
The last scene in the film, where everyone is screaming in the car, was interrupted by LAPD shutting
down our shoot, but luckily, it all worked out and I’m due for parole next month.

Director's Bio

Jordan McKittrick is an award-winning DP-turned-director living in Los
Angeles. He’s directed commercials for countless internationally
recognized brands including Hello Kitty, Yoplait, Maybelline, and Pizza
Hut. Jordan co-created the viral internet comedy series, Christina Tried
Her Best, a Facebook Watch series that racked up over 100 million views
in its first, ten-episode season. He’s a graduate of USC film school.

Country of Origin


Production Year


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