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Synopsis: A young couple, Blue and Sherry, gets married right out of high school in the late 60’s, but they are having problems in their relationship. With the birth of reoccurring therapy becoming accepted in society for the common person, they decide to give it a try in a last attempt to fix their marriage. The therapist obviously being new to the profession, decides to try interesting techniques, that he created himself.



Run Time

10 minutes


Malia Pyles (Sherry)
Stone Sharp (Blue)
Simon Pike (Fredrick Thornberg)

Directed by

Reed H. Sharp

Produced by

Jason Quan

Edited by

Frank Truong


Dane Charles Tharp


Chase Okimura

Director's Statement

This film has been the most challenging and fun by far. I have discovered that many people really enjoy helping new film makers with their projects and it was a blast bringing my script to life and we even braved a rain storm! This is a drama starring Malia Pyles, Simon Pike, and Stone Sharp about couples therapy in the 1960’s.

Director's Bio

Reed H. Sharp is a young film maker who will graduate from Huntington Beach High School in June of 2021. He grew up creating movies since he was 5 years old. He was inspired to enter his first film contest in Kindergarten for the PTA Reflections Program. He has loved movies and this passion was heavily influenced by his grandmother Murial “Mimi” Sharp who took him to Universal Studios whenever she had the chance. He developed his drawing and painting skills by through the instruction of his Grandma Ginny Rozen and Papa Roy Sharp and his love of cameras has been highly sparked by his Grandpa Gordon Rozen. His other influences have been his amazing teachers who encouraged him to use his filmmaking and/or animation talent for various school projects instead using the traditional PowerPoint presentation style.

Reed is currently a student of the Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts (hbapa.org) which has over 700 students hailing from 7 different high schools in the HBUHSD. He was blessed to earn 1 of the highly popular and award-winning spots in the MMET-Media Department of HBAPA or “APA” for short. His goal in high school was to “Go Pro”. In the last four years with the help and guidance of his teachers Michael Simmons, David Gutel, Jamie Knight, and Danielle Collins, Reed has literally been able to accomplish his goal and has “gone pro” by earning a job as a production assistant for the Reel Big Production Company. He first volunteered as many hours as possible while going to school and maintaining a high GPA along with serving as a very active team member of the MMET Program plus anchoring the news show, “Campus Update” for HBHS. He is working his way up to be an assistant director by shadowing David Gutel on various projects. While Reed has gotten his feet wet in the film industry, he looks forward to furthering his education at a local university as a film major. While on the film sets Reed has met many interesting, talented people in the film industry and his new friends recently volunteered their time to help him on the film that he wrote and directed titled, “Conjugal Revivification”.

Along with filmmaking, Reed has been acting and performing since he was 6 years old. Most of his experience is in musical theatre, but his recent performances have involved being a news anchor (2018-presaent) for HBHS Campus Update, the Emcee to describe Audience Etiquette of HBAPA’s Academy Awards, the dramatic production of “Alice in Wonderland”, and also HBAPA’s Emcee to describe Drive-In Etiquette for their Annual MMET Beatles Fundraiser Concert. While at HBAPA, he trained with a vocal coach and found himself on stage as a vocalist as part of their MMET-Pop Music Program.

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website



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