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Synopsis: Daisy gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her mentor, Eddie Jr., introduces her to a powerful crime boss, The Old Man. Impressed with Daisy, The Old Man switches their assignments, showing favoritism to his new recruit. Eddie Jr. builds up the courage to face The Old Man, only to be dismissed as the help. Daisy arrives at the meeting and finds out that she is pregnant. Should she enter the building and risk her life, or fail The Old man and face certain death?



Run Time

10 minutes


Savanah Joeckel (Daisy)
Rich Sands (The Old Man)
Sam Brittan (Eddie Jr. The Mentor)
David Nunez (The Doctor)

Directed by

Roberto Tank Gomez
Marc Alan Kropfl


Alain Emile

Production Designer

Tacy Kropfl


Adriel Gonzalez

Director's Statement

Our aim with Daisy was to create a crime film with a badass female assassin, what we discovered was that this was really a story about making decisions in life. We all are faced with choices everyday, and sometimes those choices will change our lives forever. We wanted to explore this concept and immerse the audience in a rollercoaster ride of emotions and plot twists. We hope you enjoy our 2nd film in the “Violent World” series.

Director's Bio

Marc Alan Kropfl and Roberto J. Gomez (Tank) met in film school in 2000 and have been collaborating on creative projects ever since. In 2012 they formed Clever Bunch, and under that moniker, have written several feature films and shorts, as well as directed short films, commercials, and music videos. Their goal is to make Clever Bunch synonymous with compelling stories and to make films that visually and emotionally immerse the audience in the journey.

Country of Origin


Production Year


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