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Synopsis: Yae-jin, a young writer who had moderate success in romance and thriller novels, is suffering a huge writer’s block as she attempts to finish her new book. One day, she witnesses a horrendous murder in her village, which she suspects to be done by a suspicious young man living next door. To her surprise, Yae-jin finds the man next door in front of her door…


South Korean

Run Time

63 minutes


Eun-seol Kim (Yae-jin)
Hwa-young Lee (The Young Man Next Door)
Sang-ryong Park (Jin-young)
Yoo-kyung Choi (Tae-yeon)
Ji-yoon Park (Mijung)

Directed by

Hyung-Kun (Hillfinger) Hwang

Written by

Hyung-Kun (Hillfinger) Hwang

Produced by

Min-su Park

Production Designer

Soon-won Kang


Hyung-Kun (Hillfinger) Hwang

Director's Statement

The reason why I spend a large portion of my life making and watching movies is obvious: I love cinema. This has been true from as far back I can remember. Finding a compelling story to make a great film out of seemed very difficult for a long time. However, growing up, I realized that great stories exist everywhere. In everywhere I go, and in every person I meet, there is a great story to be told. And I learned that if one is observant and creative enough, he/she could make a great movie out of any subject, any person. It is a matter of how truthfully and well one does it. Thus, every movie I made is a creative amalgamation of what I have experienced and felt, filtered and told through my own perspective and thoughts. And it is my naive hope that my movies could encourage others to do the same: tell great stories that are filtered by their views.

Director's Bio

Born in Spain, Hyung Kun Hwang (also goes by the nickname Hillfinger) is a South Korean film director/writer. He has decided to become a filmmaker since the age of 8, and he has not changed his dream since. He has produced many short films with his friends, and he has won 3 prizes in Korea World Youth Film Festival consecutively in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Growing up, he has lived in many countries due to his father’s job. The countries he lived in include Spain, Italy, Perú, Venezuela, England, and more, and he attended overseas American schools in each country. As a result of being exposed to diverse cultures and growing up with people of different backgrounds, he developed open-minded thinking ability and willingness to try new, innovative things. Inspired by such, he has made many short films with friends from diverse backgrounds.

He is an Emerson College film student, majoring in VMA. Currently, he is in South Korea, and he completed an independent narrative film made with an international cast and crew, a short film, and a feature named ‘Dear Name’. He is now working on a new feature film.

Country of Origin

South Korea

Production Year


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