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Synopsis: Dave Hunter works as a passionate darkroom photographer at NASA in Houston, Texas right after the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. For this historical event, Dave is assigned to develop photos from the moon landing. As he begins his work, he notices a flaw in one of the photos and causes him to investigate the Manned Spacecraft Center.



Run Time

16 minutes


Sean Patrick (Dave Hunter)
Jane West (Susan Bailey)
Bret Bailey (Robert R. Gilruth)
Michael Marston (Charlie Hunter)
Aly Mang (Carolyn Hunter)

Directed by

Alex Tomeo

Produced by

Conor Byrne

Edited by

Steve LeBlanc

Production Designer

Alissa Zack


Brendan Hurley

Director's Statement

“The idea of being able to combine the 60s decade and space intrigued me incredibly. Not only does the phenomenon of space fascinate me so much, but the Apollo 11 mission as well. Everything about the year of 1969 I just absolutely love: the clothing, the hair, the films, and the music; The Beatles especially. In the Spring of 2019, I spent five months living in Los Angeles with several drafts of the script done already. Every chance I could get I would pitch this idea to people just to see if they found it interesting. I put myself out there so much that I got the opportunity to have a VFX Oscar winner read my script. I remember leaving Los Angeles with my head high and one thing on my mind, and that was making this film a reality. This film was completed as my senior-thesis, but my crew and I wanted to consider this as something much more. I wanted to recruit a crew of individuals that I thought would have the same level of passion as I do, and I think I achieved that goal. It’s amazing what making a film can do in just a little less than a year because I went from not knowing my crew of 6 individuals very well to gaining lifelong friends. In the past year, the concept of Exposure has developed into a feature script and has the potential to be made into something much bigger.”

Director's Bio

Alex Tomeo is a filmmaker from Long Island, New York and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from Quinnipiac University in May 2020 with a BFA in Film, Television, and Media Arts. He has worked as a production assistant in New York City for companies such as ABC News, CBS News, Hearst Television, Scott Brothers Entertainment, Sharp Entertainment, and Left/Right Productions. He’s also interned for Skybound Entertainment and The Montecito Picture Company in 2019. His first job in the industry at a young age was volunteering for the film festival: Rooftop Films. Alex has had experience writing, directing, and editing several short films in Connecticut, New York, and Los Angeles. There’s nothing Alex loves to do more than to tell stories through the lens of a camera.

Country of Origin

United States of America

Production Year


Official Website



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