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Synopsis: At the inaugural Daybreak music festival, 2000 campers suffer freezing winds, pouring rain, and knee-deep mud to see their favorite electronic artists. But behind the scenes, Darren Bond and the Daybreak crew fight to keep the multimillion-dollar show from becoming another FYRE Festival catastrophe. As the fear of headliners canceling, attendees demanding refunds, and total failure grows, the deeper purpose of the festival begins to surface… but is it enough to save Daybreak?



Run Time

70 minutes


Darren Bond
Linda Bond
Mikael Gravitt
Battle Ahmadi
Sam Chase

Directed by

Jason Head

Produced by

Ashley Bracken

Executive Producer

Darren Bond

Edited by

Peter Brewer


Titus Fox

Director's Statement

I took on this project because I’ve always loved these little communities that music festivals create. I’m inspired by the idea that people can put their differences aside and just enjoy something together, kind of like a movie. I had no idea what I had signed up for when we started primary photography. We were all under the impression we were shooting a short film about the ins and outs of music festival culture, but once I learned about the festival owner’s personal desires to bring people together because of a lost relationship with his best friend /dog, I felt we needed to explore what makes life great… Relationships. The story was deeper than music and it fueled us to jump to a feature length doc. Our cast and crew suffered a storm for 3 days, our production halted when covid-19 hit for 6 months and we had very limited funding. Through all that, our team stuck with us because they believed this was our way to tell the world that things may be rough right now, but we can fix our issues if we just start working, together.

Director's Bio

Jason Head is a filmmaker based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jason is best known for his documentaries that focus on stories of overcoming adversity and recovering from tragedies. He directed the short docudrama, “Stronger Than Carr,” which won Catalina Film Festival for “Best Documentary” in 2019 as well as “Audience Choice” from Sundial Film Festival. Jason hopes to continue to tell stories that inspire courage, hope, humanity.

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website




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