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Synopsis: Danny is a toxic trust fund f*ccboy who constantly puts himself and the family fortune at risk. After meeting a new hottie, Mazzy, he reluctantly agrees to a weekend getaway miles out in remote country.

While on the trip, Mazzy asks him if there’s a chance they could officially date, not just hook up; Danny passes due to being “emotionally unavailable.” Mazzy asks to leave early and Danny obliges but as he makes their final breakfast the power goes out, speeding up their departure. Packing their suitcases, they realize their mobile phones are both completely dead. Bizarre.

Attempting to leave, the boat they used to get to the island is missing. In the dead of winter, there is no way off the island. They’re trapped.

The next day Sheriff Montgomery rows out and alerts them that a multi-state power grid blackout has effectively shut everything down; he insists they stay put and he will resupply them until he has some place better to take them.

Danny and Mazzy spend the next several weeks doing the only thing two adults can do while stranded on a remote island.

One day while chopping wood, Danny is knocked out and wakes up to a nightmare scenario.



Run Time

21 minutes


Andy Ahrens (Danny)
Ava Ticotin (Mazzy)
Jason Coviello (Sheriff)
Margaret Reed (Mother)

Directed by

Joey Fingers

Produced by

Katie Bryan
Brittany Wagner
Derek Vitatoe
Andy Ahrens


Jim Timperman

Director's Statement

Gold Digger was my first film as a writer/director, an experience that humbled me creatively, financially and just about every other way.

Director's Bio

Joey Fingers is a filmmaker based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Joey’s civilian job is in the software industry where he runs sales and marketing teams. Over the past twenty years, he’s written several feature screenplays but never shared them outside his personal circle. Gold Digger was his first film endeavor as writer/director. Thus far in 2021, the film has been an official selection at six film festivals with Joey winning Best Emerging Director award at the Seattle Film Festival. He is currently preparing pitches for a true crime docuseries, a post-apocalyptic TV series and a darker, grittier feature version of Gold Digger.

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website


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