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Synopsis: This film follows widowed mom, Esther, and her daughter, Fer’s, quirky misadventures to rebuild a family after death. Fer guides us through her mother’s lessons on dating men as she fails at finding the right date herself. These failed attempts land them chasing financial stability instead at the funerals of freshly widowed rich men.



Run Time

11 minutes


Angeli Zaldivar (Fer)
Kriss Dozal (Esther)
Alejandro Patino (Furgencio)

Directed by

Aurora Jimenez

Produced by

Felix Martiz

Edited by

Marcos Chavez


Mathew Carter

Director's Statement

The idea came from a love of imperfect characters we are still able to empathize with. I made my rich/upper-middle class protagonists brown because I always wanted to see that growing up, myself. As a brown-skinned Latina, I have experienced and initially believed, the colorism-biased opinions of others based off the content the generations before me were fed. Things like being considered less desirable for being dark-skinned or only seeing brown-skinned actors as the bad guys or the help. I have felt the ugly side of a colorism-led media system engraved within our community and feel the need to begin change there. Which is why, although being Mexican-American, I chose to make mine a Spanish-language film.
Additionally, through this short, I would like to show how impressionable children are to the words of their parents. In Lessons From My Mother, Fer’s impressionableness to her mom’s lessons puts her in cringy situations… But it can get worse in real life. With news of hate crimes rising around the world, it is important to remind people that it starts at home.
My hope for the audience’s response is that they have a good laugh while taking note of the two subtly put issues I feel strongly about.

Director's Bio

Aurora has an Associates of Arts Degrees in Film Production and French. She is very passionate about original content featuring protagonists who look like her and her peers. Aurora was recently chosen to be a fellow for Tomorrow’s Filmmaker’s Today, a program sponsored by HBO and the HFPA. Her debut student film, Lesson’s From My Mother has won some awards as it continues to make the festival rounds.

Country of Origin


Production Year


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