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Synopsis: Marcus works out every morning to achieve his dream of being like his idol, Kobe Bryant. One day, when he goes to train, he finds a man working harder than him. He has to embrace what Mamba Mentality means in order to fully realize his goals of professional basketball. Through his efforts, he not only improves himself as a basketball player, but makes a new friend in the process, realizing that there are some things bigger than basketball. After the death of his idol, Kobe Bryant, Marcus undergoes a mental change, realizing that there are shoes that need to be filled, and proving to his rival that he is indeed worthy of taking the next step in his journey towards professional basketball.



Run Time

20 minutes


Darrian Greene (Marcus)
Chris Rouse (Spencer)
JB Edgecombe (Father)
Evan Raiff (Security Guard)

Produced by

Nathan Xia
Surui Guo


Joe Sanders


Mauricio Jauregui

Director's Statement

This is a film made by a former basketball player, for basketball players. Growing up, one of my idols was Kobe Bryant. This film was written in his honor. I wanted to show what it felt like to lose him in the world of basketball. I felt like someone had to voice what it feels like to lose someone who inspired you, yet also capture what he stood for. To me, Kobe was a goal to strive toward. The work ethic, the intensity, the attitude towards life, all of it. The main characters of this film (tremendously played by Darrian Greene and Chris Rouse) are meant to represent two sides of what Mamba Mentality (Kobe’s famous slogan) meant to me. I wanted to capture the spirit of competition, training, inspiration, and friendship that comes with the sport of basketball, and put Kobe in the light that I saw him in. I have to thank my Director of Photography, Mauricio Jauregui, and composer, Joe Sanders, for capturing Kobe’s light both physically and acoustically. I also have to thank Darrian and Chris for holding this film together as its soul. Without my cast and crew’s dedication, I would not be able to make this film to honor a man I tried to model myself after in many ways.

Director's Bio

Russell Kinscherff is a writer/director based currently in Los Angeles, California. He spent most of his youth in Chicago and Dubai, where he developed his passion for great stories and basketball. He’s worked on countless shorts at Loyola Marymount University and was an editorial intern on several features. After graduating from LMU, he currently freelance writes and directs projects that come his way. His career goal is to learn everything he can about film, and become a writer/director of worth that tells great stories that stir the hearts and minds of people around the world.

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website



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