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Synopsis: Living With The Odds is a documentary about Paul Bayne, a glioblastoma patient, and his experience with the deadly disease. A documentary of a man from Warwick, RI that wakes up one day and discovers he has brain cancer one of the worst kinds. Glioblastoma. Also known as GBM. Paul’s journey begins as he lives is best days last. Pauls goal is to share valuable advice from leading doctors and other patients with Glioblastoma all the while trying to beat the odds. The Main Character of the film is Paul Bayne who has GBM, but there is also another key character in the film who has survived and broken all records of survival with GBM. His name is Charles Benoit. Both characters are on the same trajectory in life; both are dealing with a deadly disease. Both struggle with fears and depression and yet have an unwavering hope they will beat all the odds against them.



Run Time

61 minutes


Paul Bayne (Lead Character)
Charles Benoit (Co-Star)
Gustavo Karakey (Friend)
Dr. Patrick Wen (Doctor)
Daniel Cagney (Doctor)

Directed by

Erich Meltvedt

Written by

Erich Meltvedt

Executive Producer

Elizebeth Schwartz

Edited by

Nick Casucci


John Dabrowski

Director's Statement

My vision was way beyond what Paul was thinking. I wanted to hear not only from Paul but from doctors treating him, top experts in Brain science, current survivors and mentors related to Glioblastoma.
I wanted to capture what it is like to walk in his shoes by taking the viewer into Paul’s world to fully experience the complexities of daily life. It was important to me that the audience not go numb or stop listening. There was a fine balance between what the two characters suffered from Brain cancer and the incredible force of hope and joy they both embodied and spoke of frequently.

Director's Bio

Erich Meltvedt I Producer and Director Since 2009

Erich Meltvedt is a director, producer, best boy grip, and editor that currently lives in Orange County, California. Born in Hollywood, Erich has many commercial credits showcasing well known products that have been used all over the world.

Erich’s father, Richard Meltvedt, produced the film 21 Years for Pepperdine University, the same school Erich attended and from which he received his business degree. But Erich couldn’t stay away from making movies while attending college. He made his first movie for incoming fraternity pledges, a cross between Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Greek life.

After graduation, he moved to Germany to work, learn the language, and discover his heritage (his mother is from Germany). When his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Erich returned to the United States. He spent the next 15 years making marketing videos for Whitmont Legal Technologies. In 2012, he started Integrity Media Corp, which specialized in digital content. Erich went on to produce and direct product commercials for companies all over the globe. Erich managed to travel to India and Mexico where he wrote and produced three short documentaries for local organizations trying to make a difference in the lives of the people of Tecate and Tenali. The films brought awareness to the lack of resources and medical conditions in those areas.

It was not until 2019 that Erich met Paul Bayne, a gentleman from his alma mater who had brain cancer. It was from his initial conversation to say hello and console Paul on his diagnosis that Erich pitched his first film. Paul loved the idea, and the rest is history. Living with the Odds is Erich’s debut film.

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website

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