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Synopsis: The Lotus flower is regarded in many cultures as a symbol of rebirth, growth and transformation. This film is an expression of that process. Inspired by Angelika´s near death experience we immersed underwater in the sacred Mayan Cenotes to tell her story of growth from pain, anxiety, fear to surrender, coherence, harmony & flow. Just like the lotus seed grows from dark waters to become the most beautiful flower, we too have the ability to grow to our full potential. LOTUS invites the viewer to dive deep within, reconnect with the soul and experience the profound power of life.


no spoken language in the film (film credits in English)

Run Time

10 minutes


Angelika Fürstler (Main Actress)

Directed by

Angelika Fürstler

Produced by

Angelika Fürstler

Edited by

Erik T. Butts


Oliver Riz


Austin Ahlborg

Director's Statement

Angelika Fürstler: This film made me feel more than ever how much we are all connected and how we go through the same lights & depths in life – how we are all lost sometimes and wonder – and how we all can rise through the mud and blossom just like the LOTUS flower. This is a film to to remind us of our truth and very essence – a film to inspire & empower.

Austin Ahlborg:
The whole thing was a whirlwind of tears, laughter and breath-holds amidst being immersed in what felt like the ultimate creation process. We invite you to let go of the mind and feel your way through it for yourself just as we did in making it.

A worldwide collaboration

Director's Bio

AngelikA Fürstler:
LOTUS Producer, Director, Actress, Story Writer, Singing Voice
In this world to inspire & empower. Artist, underwater model, freediver (4min 44secs breath-hold), author, sprouting & “High Vibe® Food” expert, soulbased entrepreneur & environmentalist born in Austria and based in the South of France.
Email: aloha@angelikafurstler.com

Austin Ahlborg:
LOTUS Director of photography, Director, Co-Producer
LA based cinematographer by day and creator by choice. Diver, world traveler, lover of the outdoors. A creative spirit with dedication to the arts and meaningful projects.
With experience in over 40 countries, he’s tackled glaciers, mountains, caves, eclipses, islands, whale sharks, and the insanely sloppy mud-hiking conditions of the Amazon. His light-hearted nature, can-do attitude, and powerful imagination will stop at nothing to bring your story to life. If you desire excitement and a fresh perspective behind your brand, he’s the guy you want behind the lens.
Email: aahlborg11@gmail.com

Country of Origin


Production Year


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