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Synopsis: Today is an important day for Zak, but everything is going horribly wrong. (When his car won’t start), he has no choice but to use public transportation. During his 8-minute bus ride, Zak goes through a deeply personal metamorphosis and comes to realize the true value of human interaction.

Below the comedic surface of public transportation lies a warning for all of us living in the convenience-uber-alles 21st century to not lose the importance of human connections. As Zak becomes more socially aware and appreciative of his diverse community, so do we.


No Dialogue / English

Run Time

8 minutes


Gimli The Havanese (Digital Actor)

Directed by

Geoff Hecht

Produced by

Valerie Kolomiets
Geoff Hecht
Jumanah Shaheen

Edited by

Ian Montgomery

Director's Statement

Metro6 is a comedy. While it’s of course meant to make you laugh and smile (which is extra valuable in year 2021) the message behind the film is an important one.

“Metro6” follows Zak, a character unfinished as a person who doesn’t know the true sense of community. He’s so absorbed in the technology in front of him that he doesn’t notice the rich community around him. It was never Zak’s intention to take the bus on this fateful day, but the lessons he learns on his adventurous bus ride are both unexpected and deeply important.

Having grown up in San Francisco, I first started riding public transit alone at 8 years old. Being exposed to so many people of different races, sexualities, professions, and personalities in such small spaces helped to shape me into the person I am today. And after a year+ being stuck behind screens due to the pandemic the importance to cherish the moments where we are together face to face has never been higher.

Creating this film, we’ve established our own community. 78 artists collaborated in parallel across 17 different countries.

Director's Bio

Geoff Hecht is a multi-award winning Animation and Creative Director based in San Francisco, California.

Between 2011 and 2018, Geoff founded and co-owned one of the more reputable boutique Animation and Vfx studios in San Francisco, Hectic Digital, which was sold to InVision Communications in July of 2018.

First time film director with the release of animated short film Metro6.

Country of Origin

United States (primary) & 16 other countries

Production Year


Official Website



@geoffhecht @Metro6Film



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