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Synopsis: A young man sits heads-up at the final table of a poker tournament, faced with a
decision for all his chips. Before he makes the call, he is transported into his own dream-world,
clutching bundles of cash in the torrid rain. He attempts to enter a taxi, but the driver refuses him
entry because of his soaked cash. He awakens into the night prior to the tournament, where he
sits in front of his computer playing online poker. After losing a hand, a picture of his
grandfather on a shelf begins to berate his strategy, which is based on math instead of feeling.
After arguing with the memory of his grandfather, Ethan is abruptly pulled back into reality
when his opponent calls the clock. He makes the decision to call and ends up winning the
tournament, securing himself a seat at the world series of poker.



Run Time

6 minutes


Paolo Laskero (Ethan)
Barry Brent (Grandpa)
Josh Greene (Taxi Driver)
Jack Lattin (Opponent's Hands)
Jordan Chervitz (Dealer)

Produced by

Daine Holsteen


Ruhi Mansey

Director's Bio

Jeremy Kemp is a Film & Television Production senior at USC with a minor in political philosophy. Director of award-winning short films and documentaries, Jeremy is a storyteller by nature. Professionally, Jeremy has managed the production of a slew of artist spotlights and personality pieces for some of the largest music labels in the world, including Republic Records, Capitol Records, and Island Records — work that garnered him an industry award from Universal Music Group in content creation.

Jeremy is an avid poker-player, amateur boxer, and devoted reader of philosophical treatise. His personal interests inform his cinematic style — intricate visuals and methodical storytelling with a backdrop of elegance.

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


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