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Synopsis: An orphan boy discovers that his biological mother has passed away. Now he must use his genius level intellect to build a time machine and tell his mother not to give him away, because he’s worth it.



Run Time

21 minutes


Adam Courtney (Micah)
Pamela Rose Rodriguez (Made)
J.R Vigil (John)
Alissa Murray (Lily)
Alec Whaite (Dr. Badell)

Directed by

Miguel Angel Ferrer

Produced by

Eric Gaunaurd
Maritza Carbajal

Production Designer

Vince Sanchez-Sambrano


Jan-Michael Losada

Director's Statement

I’ve always felt that I’m running out of time.

Maybe it’s because on July 27th, 1996, during a summer vacation to sunny Miami, my mother sat me down and told me, “We’re staying. We’re not going back to Venezuela.” And just like that, without any prior notice, my friends, cousins, my life in my home country was over. Yanked away from one minute to the next.

Maybe it’s because I never got a chance to face my bullies and put them in their place, or go talk to the girl I had a crush on, hike the mountain with my father one last time, or hug my favorite cousin goodbye. No Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp to stay in touch with the people I most loved. That life was gone. Pencils down. My time was up.

Now, living in the US and with what seemed like infinite possibilities at my disposal, I wasn’t going to let a single second go to waste. I was going to make the soccer team, get the girl, and achieve everything everyone in my past life told me I couldn’t get. I was going to prove to the naysayers, that I was in fact, “good enough.” Good enough to deserve their love, their friendship and their time.

Little did I know at the time that the true measure of being worthy of love, didn’t reside in the medals, trophies and scholarships I’d won, but in how much love, gratitude, kindness and compassion was in my heart.

This is why I fell in love with this story. The journey that Micah goes through in Tempus, is one which sometimes takes us years to realize. And when we finally do, it releases us from all the resentment we’ve held on to so tightly, and lets us grow in ways we never imagined, reach impossible dreams, love and be loved wholeheartedly, and make the best out of the most precious resource we have in our possession: Time.

Director's Bio

Miguel Ferrer is an award-winning writer and director. His feature directorial debut FFC was distributed by LionsGate, and his short film Culpa was acquired by HBO for worldwide distribution. A former National Geographic cameraman, Miguel has written, produced, and directed over 50 music videos for Sony Music, Universal Music, Warners Music Group, and independent artists. His videos have been nominated for VIDEO OF THE YEAR and have reached the top of the Billboard charts and have garnered millions of hits on YouTube. Miguel has directed Super Bowl and national campaigns in both the North American and Hispanic markets, for clients such as NBC UNIVERSAL, PEPSICO, FORD, and CADILLAC.

A graduate of the University of Miami, Miguel relocated to the United States as a teenager from his native Venezuela, where he displayed his creative passion for cinema at an early age.

Country of Origin


Production Year


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