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Synopsis: This man is a disaster: irresponsible, aggressive, greedy and
He has left his wife and children and pays alimony only irregularly.
He keeps his sick brother at a distance and uses his best friend at best
as a punching ball and cheap lender.
To reach his goal, he destroys everything that was important in his life.
How and why he feels like that, he doesn’t talk about: Is he depressed, is
it a midlife crisis, maybe a burnout?
When his father, who is alone and developing dementia, needs help, and
he lets him move in with him, a generational conflict breaks out, which
shows how misunderstood and helpless this father-son relationship was
and still is.
The son still wants to please his father, the father longs for nothing more
than the success of the son.
The rifts between the two are deep and the descent of the son cannot be
Johannes Suhm’s sensitive adaptation of the internationally successful
play “The Man Who Ate the World” by Nis Momme Stockmann is the
portrait of a man representing a whole generation in their mid-life, their
search of identity, their struggle with their own ego and a misguided
masculinity. A generation of men who have lost their role models and
whose own emotional wounds seem to be deeper than they themselves
think possible.
A story about male hubris, repressed feelings, unconscious depression
and the hard struggle for success in a capitalist world where fragility has
no place.



Run Time

80 minutes


Hannes Hellmann (Father)
Johannes Suhm (Son)
Maja Schöne (Lisa)
Max Mauff (Philipp)
Michael Goldberg (Bogensee)

Directed by

Johannes Suhm

Written by

Nis Momme Stockmann

Edited by

Annika Mayer


Felicia Chen (aka Dis Fig)


Tobias kaufmann

Director's Statement

When am I a man?
Why does life suddenly feel numb in its middle? It‘s all there.
There is no real poverty in Germany. On the contrary. Or is there?
What does a perfect life look like? Do I want too much, am I too greedy?
Why can‘t I feel what I feel?
Why can‘t I speak in relation to what I feel? Where does this shame come from?
What is shame and guilt?
Do I feel my own fear?
Who exactly is my father? Why are my thoughts so often with him, even when my mind says that
he is not a good role model?
The power of the father in the psyche of men is of great importance and we are usually not
aware of it. My generation and I were brought up by parents who experienced the hardships
and traumas of the early 20th century and wanted to offer us a life of prosperity and happiness.
The story of my childhood was one of peace and security. Was it really?
What happened? Why is this prosperity so numb and painful today?
Robert Bly writes in his mythical psychoanalytic book „Eisenhans“: The naive man who flies
straight towards the sun cannot see his own shadow. It is far behind him. In the time of descent
(catabasis) he catches up with him.
The man in Nis Momme Stockmann‘s play is not me. And yet he bears the disturbances and
pain in an exemplary manner, even for my generation of the late 20th century. Pain that I myself
could only recognize and alleviate for my own life through psychoanalysis.

Director's Bio

Johannes Suhm, born in 1977, studied at the renowned Otto Falckenberg School in Munich.
Besides his lively activities as a film and television actor, he can also be seen on the theatre stage.
Current TV projects with the versatile actor are Jerks by Christian Ulmen and the ARD/ SWR mini
series Sp tzle Arrabiata by Peter Evers. Suhm also had a role in the international cinema
production Hitman – Agent 47 (2015) by Aleksander Bach. At the beginning of his career, he was
already cast in major films such as the highly acclaimed Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage (2005) by
Marc Rothemund and Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (2008) by Uli Edel. He played his first leading
role in 2006 in the television play Ein Ferienhaus auf Ibiza by Marco Serafini. In 2010 he shot the
TV documentaries Die Konterrevolution & Die Machtergreifung with Bernd Fischerauer, in spring
2011 he was in front of the camera for the TV movie Friedrich – ein deutscher K nig. In 2019 he
plays a leading role in the film adaptation of Benjamin the elephant.
After his first engagement at the Hans Otto Theatre Potsdam he worked more and more as a
theatre actor in the independent scene. He has been seen repeatedly at Gessnerallee Zurich,
Ballhaus Ost and Ballhaus Naunystrasse in Berlin, Hoch X in Munich or Mousonturm in Frankfurt/
His awards include the First Steps Award for his acting performance in Keine Gegenfrage and the
nomination as Best Young Actor at the Sat.1 Talent Class 2004. Suhm is also the director of two
documentary films, which he also produced himself.
In 2011 “Einschl gige Personen – ein Film über Sucht” (50min.) was released by Psychiatrie Verlag
Bonn, and in 2013 “New Offenburg” (82min.) had its world premiere at the Biberach Film Festival.
After various festival invitations, the film had its cinema release in November, and was first shown
on TV by BR in 2016.
The film adaptation of the play The Man Who Ate the World by Nis Momme Stockmanns is his
feature film debut.

Country of Origin


Production Year


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