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Synopsis: Drawing in the landscape with animals
Animaglyph is a word that we invented to design large choreographic drawings drawn by the path of animals, herds, riders and humans who walk together in the natural or urban landscape.
We have chosen the word Anima for breath of the soul, etymology of animal and the word Glyph for drawing. Ie draw in the landscape with animals.
These ephemeral drawings are made for the eyes of birds. Thus, each Animaglyph is the subject of images seen from the sky. All of these aerial shots constitute a mosaic of our territory transformed by the passage of animals. These images do the work; they transcend experience, and question our point of view on our enlarged territory, on our re-united living together.
Guided by the Centaur, half-man – half-animal, metaphor of the link to others and to nature, the Animaglyphs are an invitation to transcend the boundaries of oneself and rethink our relationships with animals, nature and our live together.
For the participating riders and breeders, it is a time shared with the artists and, immersed in an original sound creation inviting to travel and reflection, the creation of the Animaglyph is an artistic experience, both intimate and collective.
Sources of inspiration for the drawings:
Humans and animals (horses, cows, sheep) walk together in the landscape to draw the symbol φ of the golden ratio, the proportion underlying any biological structure or to draw spirals ordered by the golden ratio.
We draw in the sand, in the cities, in the fields like a pact with nature to remember that all of us, animals, plants, stars and dust are made up of the same matter, governed by the same equations.


equestrian art





Run Time

30 minutes



Director's Bio

The centaur is an admission: that of our incompleteness.
It is also a cry of alliance: when you look at a centaur, you see a relationship.
I will only be whole by being you: the centaur is a promise.
I dream of a gallop for my human half, I dream of a word for my animal half: the centaur hopes for the impossible, with all his strength gathered; it questions the human animal, shifting the boundaries of the self to the boundaries of the other: the centaur is a crossing.
The centaur is one of those dreams that one realizes only in dreams: of a fabulous being, we have made a utopia, our daily space and a collection of poems telling our relationship to the world, and the relationship of the world to its own dreams, his need for others and his quest for elsewhere.
manifestecm / kossmann
It is inside each one that the centaur sets off, where secrets have their savagery, the unconscious its strangeness, where the future is surveyed by many.
We preferred this body which does not exist, rather than a body which exists half.

Official selection

EQUUS FIlm Fest - USA - 2014

Country of Origin


Production Year


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