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Synopsis: The music video HORSE by writer/vocalist/producer/horseman, JAR, is an homage to the timeless relationship and unconditional love for this most special of creatures and their longstanding partnership with humankind.
There is a mystical and spiritual bond between HORSE and MAN that spans cultures, the globe and time. This music video is JAR’s way of expressing HIS lifelong love for this special friend of all mankind!

JAR wrote Horse song as an anthem to bring all horse lovers together through the venue of music.





Run Time

6 minutes

Directed by

Jean Albert Renaud (JAR)
Lamont Battle

Director's Bio

Jar Horseman: A Biographical Statement north of Baltimore. The property is bordered by the Prettyboy Reservoir, which provides thousands of forested acres to ride. The 76 year-old who looks about 50 has bred a horse, the “Morwalkarab” – from the Morgan, Tennessee Walker, and Arabian – specifically for long distance or marathon riding. This type of race, as depicted in the movie Hidalgo with Viggor Mortensen, is a centuries old event still observed today in the Middle East. JAR made history as the first African American to complete the ride, as well as train a Qatari horse to complete one of those races.
For 14 days in August 2008, there was the second annual a 515 mile endurance ride beginning in New Mexico: “The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race”. That race was the venue for JAR and his horses … a venue for him to call attention to the plight of America’s Wild Horses that are being slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands.
JAR is part African-American, part Native-American and part French-American. Genetically, he is probably more “American”, whatever that means, than most who claim that distinction. Born in Newport News, Virginia to a not poor, but not rich family, he was conceived the day before his father was shipped off to war in 1941. Shortly thereafter, he moved to East Baltimore, but never lost contact with the rural life in Virginia. Returning summers to visit the family farm, he was introduced to horses by his great grandfather who used them as beasts of burden. This was the beginning of the longest relationship of his life, and for many years the only source of joy for him as he suffered many brutal beatings as a boy while attempting to defend his mother from his abusive father.
Renaud, as JAR was known as a boy, was always a performer and singer, and he knew he was an entertainer. In 1960, he went into the Army as a way of supporting his mother, who was abandoned by his father. In the Army, he won awards for his singing and performing skills and was treated as the unique person he was. When he was honorably discharged, he played the bars in Ocean City, Maryland, and eventually signed with Motown, opening for the best in the business including Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five and Sly and the Family Stone. Renaud knew everyone…and enjoyed the lifestyle: drugs, sex and rock and roll. He used himself up, and returned to live in his mother’s basement to salvage and redirect his life.
He discovered a place north of Baltimore where he could get back to his rural roots. Sunshine Acres was bought, and the love of his life returned. He was able to work with horses. This time the horse saved his life and gave him renewed purpose, identity and path. He became JAR Horseman.
JAR doesn’t exactly sit by and let life flow over him. When you lose enough friends to AIDS, you start a non-profit, Protect Yourself1, (PY1) to save those still alive and not infected. When you come from East Baltimore, you bring children from the Inner City to your ranch to experience the essence of horses. When you sing and write music for a living, you really do that for life. When horses save your life, you do all you can to save theirs. This is not a simple story about a very long horse race. That would be too easy.

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