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Synopsis: Our educational film that encourages and celebrates equestrians who are actively seeking a richer, more rewarding relationship with their equine partner. We offer detailed instruction, tips, encouragement and support for those on the journey to bitless riding and training. Our goal is to demystify and promote the bitless movement.

The Bitless and Beautiful mission is to promote a more just and humane world for the domesticated horse and to restore balance, harmony and mutual respect for all living things.

We seek to raise the collective conscience, and modernize the human-equine relationship to create a more loving, humane, and evolved world for all.
We believe we can increase global wellbeing by eliminating the accepted abuse and cruelty that our beloved equine partners suffer daily all over the planet. We believe much of this abuse occurs at the hands of well-intentioned humans who have been indoctrinated with the archaic belief that we must control the horse, rather than learn how to communicate with him.

We are committed to education and raising awareness of the scientific research that supports our mission, and we believe that once educated, humans will enthusiastically embrace an approach that empowers us to work with horses in a compassionate way; without harsh punishment, without equipment that causes pain and fear, and with more attention to the welfare of the horse.

The domesticated horse population has been consistently exploited, underrepresented, and underserved. We are committed to the belief that by developing, producing, compiling and promoting resources that support the Bitless & Beautiful mission, we can help our global community identify and implement practices that integrate the respect that these horses deserve, as our faithful partners for centuries.

We also understand that competition is a big part of the equestrian experience, and with our IROBE registry, we seek to support athletes who don’t want to compromise their commitment to compassionate training just to comply with competition regulations.

We want to be the change and support the mavericks forging a path toward a more inclusive platform for equine sports.
Visit our site to join IROBE! http://www.bitlessandbeautiful.com/irobe-1/

To learn more about the Bitless and Beautiful philosophy, read our manifesto at http://www.bitlessandbeautiful.com/manifesto/

We are part of a robust and rapidly expanding community of enlightened horse lovers. We are many! You can access our worldwide directory at http://www.bitlessandbeautiful.com/worldwide-directory/. Contact us to add your name!

Explore our website and learn how horses and humans around the world are tapping into the power of compassion. http://www.bitlessandbeautiful.com/


Horse Training





Run Time

22 minutes


Jennifer Sims (Director)
Nina Heller (Writer)

Directed by

Jennifer Simms

Director's Statement

Our educational film encourages and celebrates equestrians who are actively seeking a richer, more rewarding relationship with their equine partner. We offer detailed instruction, tips, encouragement and support for those on the journey to bitless riding and training. Our goal is to demystify and promote the bitless movement.

Director's Bio

Jennifer is the founder of More Salt Productions, bringing together 15 years of hands-on production experience with a lifelong passion for storytelling. After earning a BFA from the Meadow’s School of the Arts in Dallas, Jennifer ventured into filmmaking as a production assistant for Simpatico and Nice Guys Sleep Alone, shot in Louisville, Kentucky, her hometown. She co-produced the independent film Keep Your Distance, starring Jennifer Westfeldt, winner of the Best Feature honors at the Breckenridge and Rhode Island Film Festivals. Jen went on to work as Production Coordinator for several documentaries and series for television in Los Angeles, eventually moving to a Production Manager role for three different series, including ABC’s top-rated Dancing with the Stars. Serving as Manager of Physical Production for the indie company The Film Department gave her the experience of overseeing an ambitious slate of movies, including A Little Bit of Heaven starring Kate Hudson and Gael Garcia Bernal. She harnessed her passion for innovation in her role as Producer at the technology and design house OOOii, working closely with top directors, such as JJ Abrams and Brad Bird, to deliver on-set graphics and visual effects for the films Tomorrowland, Into the Storm, and Star Trek Into Darkness. During her tenure at OOOii, she also collaborated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to develop a vision for their Academy Museum, serving as a producer for its Inaugural Event. Jen has recently enjoyed traveling the world with the production team of TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are?, a show that uncovers untold stories from history. Recently, she worked in the Factual Department with Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment. Jen is the proud mom of 7-year-old Lucie and the leader of Troop 6355 of the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.

Country of Origin


Production Year


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