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Synopsis: Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence is one of the most inspirational stories you will ever hear. For 25 years, Bobbi Jo Reed has rescued thousands of addicts. But before she could help others, Bobbi Jo needed to help herself.

This true life story takes an honest look into the world of alcoholism and addiction and provides keys to long term recovery in Kansas City’s most dangerous neighborhood.

After a middle class upbringing, Bobbi Jo turned to drinking and drugs at a young age. Soon, her life spiraled out of control. Addiction led to abuse, prostitution, and homelessness. When she hit rock bottom, Bobbi Jo had a spiritual awakening.

With newfound strength, Bobbi Jo was lifted out of a personal hell. That strength gave her the courage to return to the streets to help others. Using the testimony of her dark past as a “blueprint of hope”, Bobbi Jo Reed reflects on her transformation. How she was saved. Why she was chosen. And why more than 8,000 souls now call her, “Mom.”



Run Time

101 minutes

Director's Statement

When some opportunities come knocking at your door, you simply cannot turn them
away. I had the good fortune of hearing Bobbi Jo speak and scooped up her book,
Beautifully Broken . Her story broke my heart and inspired me all at the same time. At
the time, there were other opportunities and distractions obscuring my view, but Bobbi
Jo’s story kept moving to the forefront of my mind. One day, I just jumped in.

Putting this into words is even harder than I thought. Bobbi Jo has accomplished
something that I don’t think I have ever heard before, nor do I believe I would be
capable of doing. I’ve heard stories of people dedicating their lives to helping others. But
I, personally, have never heard of someone rising, literally, from the bottom of the barrel
to help so many people. In Bobbi Jo’s words, she should have died many times over.
And in fact, during long nights sleeping on the ground under the back of a semi trailer,
she wished that she would. But she didn’t. She survived. And that’s when things got

Here is a woman that escaped from hell and rather than starting over in the comfort of
her family home, she moved right back to the neighborhood where she suffered, and
saved others from the same suffering. At that point in time, she had little reason to have
faith in humanity. A drug dealer and a pimp literally moved in next door. At night, when
gunfire would ring out, Bobbi Jo would sit up on her bed and pray for the safety of the
women in her care.

And this was just the beginning. Bobbi Jo continued to push forward, growing, adapting,
and expanding her reach into the Northeast neighborhood. As she saw need, Bobbi Jo
acquired more property. But just like the women she was helping, the properties had
been abandoned and were in need of complete restoration. Which she did. One home
turned into many homes, a nursery, a daycare, a community center, apartment
buildings, and the list goes on. All these years later, Bobbi Jo’s faith is unwavering, and
her mission of saving lives is unchanged.

I am so grateful Bobbi Jo entrusted me with her story. I am moved to be a part of the
team sharing it. This is a message we all need to hear. The nation is in a state of
division. Here comes a story that transcends politics, gender, race and religion. Like
Bobbi Jo says, “ Addiction has no boundaries at all. Everybody is affected .” I hope that
every person that sees this film will take away just a little piece of hope, and gain a little
bit of faith. Because those are qualities we could all use more of right now.
Brent Jones, Director

Director's Bio

Brent Jones was born and raised in Kansas City. Right out of high school, Jones was
hired as a cameraman by the Kansas City Chiefs. His filmmaking dreams took him to
Los Angeles where he worked on set with Steven Spielberg, Sam Raimi, James
Cameron, Michael Bay and Cameron Crow.

Jones’ commercial directing career launched in 2004 and he has had the privilege of
directing award winning commercials for clients such as Nissan, BMW, McDonalds,
DirecTV, Subway, Ikea, and Bridgestone. In 2017, he directed his first superbowl
commercial for Weathertech.

Recently, Jones moved his family back to his beloved hometown just in time to watch
the Kansas City Chiefs win a Super Bowl. Upon his return, Jones formed Gold Room
Films with his wife and producing partner, Donna Jones with the goal of telling
compelling stories that would have a positive impact on the world. Bobbi Jo: Under the
Influence is his first documentary feature film.

Production Year


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