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Synopsis: A music filled romantic comedy, that follows Angelica, a sarcastic and quirky actress, singer and writer. The story of her strange life as a starving artist in Los Angeles, unfolds with oddball characters and awkward moments, all while following the writing of her new album. A feel good, dry comedy, with an inside look to the writing of an album, weaved into a modern day love story. The Pilot is based on the first single on the album, “I Won’t Go Back”, and addresses domestic violence, addiction, and getting away from abuse, as well as addressing all the hardships artists face trying to make it in Hollywood.

*Rollercoaster The Series is a powerful female underdog story, full of ridiculous comedic moments and genuine modern life moments. The remainder of the series gets heavily into modern relationships, current events, and living a life in constant invisible pain, as the main character gets diagnosed with an apparently incurable and invisible neurological disorder. Laughing, Crying, Singing, Starving Artists, Awkward Comedy, Health Issues, Modern Marriage, Strong female underdog story.. and the Rollercoaster of music one woman writes about it.*







Run Time

41 minutes


Angelica Cassidy (Angelica Cassidy)

Directed by

Angelica & Ian Cassidy

Produced by

Angelica Cassidy

Executive Producer

Ian & Angelica Cassidy

Edited by

Ryan Lemasters

Prod. Company

Director's Statement

“As a musical artist, I’ve always strived to write songs that can contribute to social awareness and societal growth. Music that makes people feel things, that moves them to change. My goal as an artist, in general, has always been to reach the masses with messages that inspire positivity, through the medium of audio and visual arts. My goal with “Rollercoaster” the project, as a whole, is to do a full musical artist launch, with a comedic tv show, based on the writing of each single on the album, and the story behind them. A story that focuses on female empowerment, modern relationships, dealing with emotional illnesses, and invisible excruciating physical illness. A powerful underdog story of an independent female starving artist, creating her dreams, persevering and overcoming every hardship that comes with telling her personal story, and the love story that fueled her movement.”
-Angelica Cassidy

Director's Bio

Angelica Cassidy was born in Woodland Hills, California, and raised in Minnesota. She was a child actress, working in film, television, commercials and theater. She spent most of her high school years mastering musical theater and classical vocal training.

At age 17, Angelica returned to California, pursuing her dreams of being a professional actress and recording artist. Angelica studied with her peers, where she mastered her arts, doing improvisation, scene writing, auditioning, and script breakdown.

On the music side, she is an accomplished writer and producer working in the country, rock, pop, R&B, soul, and hip hop genres. Her first single release was in 2013 with a funky pop song entitled “Lullaby”. Between June and October of 2016, she independently wrote and produced five singles, and wrote/directed three music videos, in her “Heal the World” series. Her first single, “That Light” was released June of 2016, and mixed pop and hip-hop. She followed that up with “Heal The World”, the title track to the EP. The song was released July of 2016 and was a pop anthem for lets “heal the world with love”. The video included 30 of Angelica’s “super” fans. Three more singles would be produced in 2016 completing the EP, all in the electro-pop genre.

In late 2017 through mid 2018, Angelica starting working on a new album entitled “Rollercoaster”, a collection of pop, bluesy, rock and country tunes in support of her self-written, self-produced, and self-directed television series, also entitled “Rollercoaster”. She stars in this quirky, music filled comedy, with her now husband, Ian Paul Cassidy, and her father, Bob Chitwood, who also co-writes music with Angelica. Bob plays guitar on many tracks of Angelica’s, as well as Ian playing on drums. The couple started Mr. Mugs Productions together, and co-created the series. An epic love story, with ups and downs along the way, “Rollercoaster” is a feel good show, based on Angelica’s life, and the making of her new album. It’s a powerful female underdog story, full of ridiculous comedic blunders and genuine modern life moments. The pilot is currently being shopped to production and entertainment companies. The remainder of the series gets heavily into modern relationships, current events, and living a life in constant invisible pain, as the main character gets diagnosed with an incurable and invisible neurological disorder. Starving Artists, Awkward Comedy, Health Issues, Modern Marriage.. and the Rollercoaster of music one woman rights about it.

Angelica released a new single and music video on September 3rd, 2019, entitled “Ask My Daddy”. A contemporary country song that talks about a woman asking her husband-to-be to get her fathers blessing for their marriage. The single is on all major platforms, and it has already been picked up by BWH Music Group, and is featured on their country compilation album entitled “Keepin’ It Country 2019”, which released August 26th, 2019, on all major platforms. The music video won “Best Music Video” at The Southeastern International Film & Music Festival in Nashville, on November 11th, 2019, Along with the season one album winning “Best Album”.

On November 19th, 2019, Angelica released another single, titled “I Won’t Go Back”. She released the song on all platforms, as well as a music video on YouTube, that was created to bring awareness to domestic violence and abuse. The music video features scenes from her self-produced Pilot that’s based on her life, and the abuse she encountered. Already, the single has been placed on WNIR Radio’s, “Best Songs of 2019” list. This is not the first socially powered song that Angelica has released. On International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2020, Angelica released another single, called “Ladylike”. She wrote the song to bring awareness to the #metoo movement and sexual abuse and rape victims. She also wrote the song for her mother, who’s a rape victim, to help empower victims everywhere to speak out. It’s already won the 2020 Women’s Freedom Song Contest, searching for the next female anthem, and Angelica plans to do much more with her release of “Ladylike”.

“Rollercoaster (The Pilot)” had it’s world premiere at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival on February 15th, 2020, where it won “Best Episodic Series”. It has since won “Best Tv Pilot” in The Los Angeles Film Awards, The Oniros Film Awards, The Hollywood Just4Shorts Film Awards, The Accolade Global Film Festival, The New York Film Awards, and The Florence Film Awards. The Florence Film Awards also recognized Angelica as “Best Actress”, as well as the pilot winning in its category. The Queen Palm International Film Festival has awarded Angelica with their “Best Writer” Gold award in their television category, leaving the Pilot with 9 Festival wins so far. The Pilot was also an Official Selection of Film-Com Packaging, Financing & Distribution Market, and Angaelica Film Festival. The Cassidy’s will continue to cruise the festival circuit as well as launch new campaigns to get the remainder of this show made.

Angelica released her single “Tonight” on June 12th, 2020. A tender breakup song that will tug at every heart string. And “Safety” came out on August 22nd, 2020. It’s a song about finding that person you feel the safest with, and staying there, and also a tribute to veterans of war. The single is being released on the 2nd anniversary of Angelica and Ian’s wedding. Fitting, since she wrote the song, as well as the entire season one soundtrack, about him. Her single “Choose Joy” was redone, but this time in a softer acoustic version, and released on September 22nd, 2020. In honor of the global pandemic and all the pain the human race is feeling right now, she has remade this song because she feels the world needs this message so much currently. The theme song of the tv series, and title track of the album “Rollercoaster” was released on October 22nd, 2020. A catchy pop-rock, sexy track, about a bi-polar relationship. On November 22nd, 2020 she released “Old School”, another sexy pop-rock song, but this one about her classic “old school” man(Ian). Her latest single release was on December 22nd, 2020, with “Right At Home”. A tender, quiet, acoustic track, about family and home. Angelica released her version in December, then followed that up with a January 22nd, 2021 release of the same song, but performed by her father, Bob Chitwood, who actually wrote it. You can find all her music on all major platforms.


Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (HRIFF) - United States - 2020

Best TV/Eposidic Series (Rollercoaster (The Pilot))

Queen Oalm International Film Festival - United States - 2020

Best Writer (Angelica Cassidy : Rollercoaster (The Pilot))

Oniros Film Awards - United States - 2020

Best TV Pilot (Rollercoaster (The Pilot))

Florence Film Awards - Italy - 2020

Best Actress & Best Tv Pilot (Angelica Cassidy & Rollercoaster (The Pilot))

Accolade Global Film Festival - United States - 2020

Award of Merit : Technical Superiority (Rollercoaster (The Pilot))


Hollywood Just4Shorts - United States - 2020

WIN: Best TV Pilot

New York Film Awards - United States - 2020

WIN: Best TV Pilot

Film-Com Packaging, Financing & Distribution Market - United States - 2020

Official Selection

Oniros Film Awards - United States - 2020

Best First Time Directors (Nomination)

Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) - United States - 2019

WIN: Best Web/TV Pilot

Official selection

Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (HRIFF) - United States - 2020

Lady Filmaker Festival - United States - 2020

Southeastern International Film & Music Festival - United States - 2019

Queen Palm International Film Festival - United States - 2020

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website






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