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Synopsis: Tula is the cleaning lady at a private school for girls. During her workday, she meets the headteacher’s fourteen-year-old daughter in the toilet. The girl is going to tell Tula her secret. Tula will have to decide whether to help her or not.





Run Time

12 minutes


Tamara Berbés (Tula)
Eider González

Directed by

Bea De Silva

Written by

Bea De Silva

Produced by

Katixa De Silva
Iñigo De Silva

Edited by

Maialen Sarasua




Víctor Benavides

Director's Statement

Do you know how many girls have told me that they have been touched by others (mostly men) before them touching themselves? Girls who have given pleasure to other people without even knowing what pleasure meant in their own body. Do you know how many have faced sex for the first time out of obligation or, worse still, out of fear, out of ignorance? Another fact that has surprised me over the years is that there are many women, many, who watch porn to learn. Yes. To learn what to do, not because they enjoy it. Also, I don’t think I know any girl (and I include myself) who has not experienced the stress of believing she is expecting without wanting to be pregnant. Many times, this fear comes out of ignorance. Simply because they don’t know the consequences, or the risks. But, at the end of the day, the fear is there, the guilt is there. And where information is lacking, there is room for manipulation. This poses a risk, above all, to women’s health. Both mental and physical.
When we begin to be interested in sex, who do we talk about it with? In my case, I am lucky to have an older sister who has always been willing to answer my questions. She is one step ahead of me, leading the way, and I learn from her. This story ‘’Tula’’ is for all those girls who don’t have an older sister to solve their doubts. And, also, for those women who, in one way or another, even though they are not our sisters, end up guiding us.

Director's Bio

Beatriz de Silva. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Navarra and graduated in the Film and TV Script Master at the Carlos III University of Madrid. She is author of the books ‘Mármol’ (Arte Activo, 2017, Nimbo Ediciones, 2021) and ‘Barro’ (Editorial Amarante, 2018). She is both scriptwriter and director as well as playwright and director of ‘El Beso’ (theater play) produced by Mutis por el Foro. She has participated in the films ‘Akelarre’ (2020) and ‘Baby’ (2020) as intern and assistant to director. In 2020, she received a grant from the Provincial Council of Álava to write the script of her first feature film ‘La Dama del Bosque’. And in 2021, she was awarded with the public grant from the City Council of Vitoria to write her film script “Todos los colores a la vez”.

Production Year


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