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Synopsis: An immigrant works in a laundry to buy a wedding suit. One day he is found stealing a suit from a
sick groom who has just been left at the altar. To atone for his sins, he will have to avenge the
robbed man.


Italian, Arabic

Run Time

15 minutes


Danilo Arena
Christian Iansante

Written by

Emanuele Pisano





Director's Statement

This isn’t a short film based on social denunciation. It is not even a tearful fairy tale about
a good-hearted immigrant who finds fortune. It is only a story about feelings: a brief episode
aimed at moving the spectator, while transmitting an element of surprise. The objective is to show that interior turmoil goes beyond racial, ethnic and sexual
differences. Therefore, since the story has a universal meaning, I deliberately omitted names of
cities or made precise references. The plot is linear. Firstly, the introduction of the character of
Amed. He is a young immigrant who barely speaks Italian and works at a laundry. Secondly, the
encounter with Massimo. Amed sees a man in a wedding suit who is throwing up near a car full
of white bows. The boy follows the stranger, steals his suit, but when the main tracks him down
he confesses to the groom that he is going to get married and so he decides not to hurt him.
Finally, the punitive mission that Massimo entrusts Amed with. The boy has to go to a coffee
shop, slap a man named Mauro and give him a briefcase containing a message. The contents of
this note will reveal Massimo’s story. Once Amed has carried out his mission, he will receive his
The focus of the story is mainly on Amed played by Danilo Arena. The character of
Massimo, played by Christian Iansante, on the other hand, is an antagonist who intentionally
remains a figure shrouded in mystery. At the beginning we don’t even see his face. When Amed is
caught, Massimo looks deathly ill. Throughout the rest of the film, the impression given is that he
is a negative figure: he appears to be a drug addict who spends his days vomiting and living in a
squalid house full of needles. The task he has given Amed doesn’t seem to make any sense and
the boy is even mistaken for a terrorist and beaten up. Only after the briefcase has been opened
do we find out who Massimo really is: a princess who has been seduced and abandoned. A sick
man who was in love with a hypocrite. It’s the story of a defeated man who punishes his beloved. I wanted to play with the element of surprise connected to the character’s homosexuality
without turning the idea of diversity into something pathetic. Before the end of film, nothing
made us suspect that Massimo was a homosexual. The main idea of the short film is based on the
preconceived notion that when we see a wedding car we immediately think of a bride. It never
crosses our mind that the bride could be a man. The director’s style is realistic but not intrusive.
The shoulder-supported camera is not extreme and is used in the service of the film

Director's Bio

Maurizio Ravallese, born in Rome on March 31st, 1989, has a Doctorate in Philology and History
of the Ancient World (La Sapienza University – Sorbonne University). He is a tenured Latin and
Greek teacher. He has worked as a director’s assistant on different television and film
productions. He has also directed various video music clips. In addition, he is the director and
screenwriter of three short films: Miracolo in Periferia (Miracle on the Outskirts, 2013), La Terra
degli sconfitti (The Land of the defeated, 2014), and Il Vestito (The Suit, 2020). Together with
Emanuele Pisano, he is a founding partner of Pathos Distribution and Pathos Magazine.

Production Year


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