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Synopsis: A knockout show … with a knocked out frontman

A band are about to perform at the biggest gig of their lives, except a monumental problem hits them 15 minutes before they go on stage, can they fix it time?

The comedy short film, set in the 1990s ‘Cool Britannia’ era, is filmed in one 15-minute continuous shot.



Run Time

15 minutes


Christopher Mulvin (Martin)
Ed Newman (Charlie)
Phoebe Farringdon (Miche)
Sky Cheema (Ryland)
Tobias Cornwell (Simon)

Directed by

Joesph Archer
Jack Archer

Written by

Jack Archer

Produced by

Lissi Simpson
Conrad Pollock

Director's Statement

Along with telling an entertaining and funny story, we wanted to challenge ourselves as filmmakers with On In 15.

So we decided to shoot the movie in one continuous 15-minute take, or ‘oner’.

Thematically, it also made sense to film it in one long shot. It’s all about a band who are trapped in a situation they have to fight through and they only have one attempt at their performance.

So a suspenseful one shot to drive up the tension fitted perfectly for this film.

I also set the film in 1997, the time of ‘Cool Britannia’, when it felt like the UK could do anything and optimism was at an all time high. I have done this to juxtapose what I felt like the current zeitgeist of the Britain is; pessimistic and lacklustre.

I want to thank the incredible effort of the cast and crew for their work on this incredibly ambitious film for a group of young filmmakers. As well as thank the NYFA for fully funding the film, and Odeon and Procam for their partnership with the project.

Hope you enjoy the film!

– Joseph Archer

Director's Bio

Jack and Joseph Archer create action and comedy films.

The brothers from the Midlands made their first film in 2017, a comedy-action called House Party Raiders. They shot the ninety-minute feature whilst at university in Nottingham, and it was shown in local cinemas and showcases.

The two filmmakers would go on to secure funding to make two shorts, comedy-action film Jobit (2018) and comedy-Christmas film Deadwood (2019). They would also make a TV pilot called #Goals (2018).

In 2019, the brothers would secure a partnership with Odeon, Procam and the NYFA to film On In 15, a comedy short filmed in one 15-minute continuous take.

Currently, the Archer Brothers are overseeing post-production and promotion of their most recent films and planning ahead for next year with a number of projects in development.

Production Year



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