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Synopsis: In the country of freedom, equality and fraternity, in this new Europe without borders, besieged by fear and intolerance, a polish immigrant will have to face the reality of racism.

Run Time

9 minutes 38 seconds minutes


Jan Soja (“Polak”)
Noël Faure (“Le Tare”)

Directed by

Gon Caride

Written by

Gon Caride

Produced by

Gon Caride
Arturo M. Merelo
Andrés Caride
Diane Malherbe

Director's Statement

TWO OPTIONS is a short film written, shot and completely post-produced in 5 days, during a filmmakers’ laboratory in France.
We have constructed this short film through a series of restrictions imposed by the production’s context (5 days for the full creation process) and also the limits self imposed by the director: economy of shots, use of still camera, just two characters and two locations.
We begin with a formal treatment, with shots from the inside of the van, with she same character as the axis of all the scenes, using the interior of the vehicle to create a frame within a frame and inside this frame within a frame we have our main character, Polak, that throughout the film becomes a hostage himself.
TWO OPTIONS is a short film about racism, immigration and the refugee crisis.
We wanted to tell this story from a different angle, having the audience’s disinformation as one of the main axes of the short film.
Not knowing what’s going on is also extended to the relationship between Polak and his companion. Throughout their conversations, apparently without any consequence, we shape the personalities of both characters, paying special attention to the dynamics of power between them.
In the last scene, at last, we understand the situation, and it’s at this point when a new conflict arises… A conflict that Polak didn’t consider and also when he understands, suddenly, that he has no scape.

Director's Bio

Gon Caride (Spain, 1983) studied Audiovisual Communication and at 25 years old he emigrated to New York (USA), where he studied a master in film directing and cinematography.
For the next 9 years, he lived and worked as a screenwriter, director, photographer, script analyst, editor and director of photography in the USA, UK, Poland and France.
With his first short film “October” shot in Poland and spoken in Russian, he was selected in many different film festivals around Europe and he was also chosen by the Cervantes Institute in their program “The New Talent in Spanish Shortfilms”, showcasing “October” around the world.

In 2020, besides his two new short films already in international distribution, he’s working on the pre-production of two new narrative short films and also the script for his first feature film.
He lives in Spain, with his girlfriend and their three dogs.

Country of Origin


Production Year


Aspect Ratio


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