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Synopsis: A gripping adventure into the world of cutting edge rock and ice climbing, ON SIGHT documents what is possible with a ground up, no pre-practice approach to climbing, resulting in raw, compelling and often frightening situations. Pushing personal limits, climbers must be willing to take a 30 foot fall for the ultimate on sight ascent.

In the age of indoor gym climbing and pre-practiced ascents, On Sight gets back to the basics of climbing, the simple game of getting to the top using only your strength, skill and guts!

Filmed On Location In
Iceland – Ian Parnell and Neil Gresham ice climbing at Kaldakinn
Ireland – Ricky Bell amazing first ascent on the huge Fairhead seacliffs
Scotland – Ian Parnell and Jon Winters do some insane winter climbing
North Wales –

    Gogarth E8 on sight attempts
    Grade myths are shattered in Llanberris Pass
    First ground up ascents at Cloggy
    The story of ‘Strawberries’ a notoriously un-on-sightable route!
    Gritstone ground up; Pete Robins, Jordan Buys and Leo Houlding.

Seeking true adventure, delving into the unknown, revelling in uncertainty; ON SIGHT is produced by multi-award winning film maker Alastair Lee.


Mountain / Adventure / Sports / Documentary





Run Time

57 minutes


Pete Robins
James McHaffie
Leo Houlding
Adam Long
Ricky Bell
Dave Birkett
Ian Parnell
Neil Gresham
Jordan Buys
Gaz Parry
Ben Bransby
Jack Geldard
Jon Winters
Nick Bullock
Nico Faverese
Neil Dickson
John Redhead
Jerry Moffet
Ron Fawcett

Directed by

Alastair Lee

Prod. Company

Posing Productions - www.PosingProductions.com

Sponsor brands

Director's Bio

Alastair Lee is a director and camera man specializing in the outdoor world. Twenty years in the industry he is a veteran of expeditions to the likes of Baffin Island, the Venezuelan jungle and Antarctica. Producing award winning films and TV commercials with stunning photography his special talent for combining the spectacular with the human have made him one of the leading forces in his industry with over 100 international awards to his name.

Not to be confused with the disposable ‘adrenaline’ fueled clips that dominate social media Alastair’s work is born of a deeper understanding and respect for the mountain world where a genuine passion and will to preserve these extraordinary environments is at the heart of Alastair’s work. Exploration, not only of the wild places to the furthest corners of the earth but also of the human condition. Delving into the complex psychology of the paradox of a modern person’s desire to challenge themselves in the natural arena. The quest not just for the summit but the search for purpose and meaning amongst the ever-increasing western safety and comfort.

Alastair has embraced the full gambit of modern devices at the film makers disposal, from drones to jibs to Cineflex camera systems and 4k slow motion shooting. However Alastair is also acutely aware that the ‘eye-candy’ means nothing without a strong sense of narrative and human depth. Alastair’s consistent success at combining world class cinematography with his trade-mark humor are testament to his true love of his art and dedication to always doing the best job possible and continually attempting to eclipse his own high standards.

In May of 2013 Alastair was awarded one of the top awards in his industry, The Grand Prize from the International Mountain Film Alliance at the Trento Film Festival.

His work has also been broadcast on Discovery UK, National Geographic US and featured on the Red Bull Explorers series.


Kendall Mountain Film Festival - UK - 2008

Grand Prize for Best Film (On Sight)

Kendall Mountain Film Festival - UK - 2008

Best Climbing Film (On Sight)

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival - UK - 2009

Best Climbing Film (On Sight)

London Mountain Film Festival - UK - 2009

People's Choice Award (On Sight)

Poprad Mountain Film Festival - Slovakia - 2009

Best Mountain Sports Film (On Sight)

Country of Origin


Production Year


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