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Synopsis: 1. Fig – Directed by Rami Cohen, USA, Horror, Comedy, 10:45 – Years ago, when Jason was a kid, he knew he could always count on one person to have his back, his imaginary friend Fig. Fig was Jason’s best friend and surrogate mother, until one day when she took things too far standing up to one of Jason’s bullies. That’s when Jason’s real mother banished Fig and left Jason broken and unprotected. Now Jason is an adult and Fig is back. She’s unleashing her pent-up rage on Jason’s enemies. Jason is ill-equipped to handle this. Everyone always told him Fig was imaginary, but he must figure out a way to stop Fig. IMDb

2. Louie – Written and Directed by Robert Biggs, USA, Made in Illinois. 22:51 – In 1958 an old man, summoned by his long-estranged brother, crosses the prairie in a pickup truck to hear a haunting death bed confession. While in 1910 Louie, Peck and Peeler crash through the woods, bent on skinny-dipping in an
abandoned gravel pit. They catch a hobo going through their pockets on shore, tackle him, shove him around and accidentally kill him. Louie lies to his older brother Roscoe about that night and leaves with his two friends to keep the secret safe. 48 years later a dying Louie needs to come clean. IMDb

3. Meanwhile, at the Abandoned Factory… – Written & Directed by Michael Cusack, Australia, Animation, 16:08 – Meanwhile, at the Abandoned Factory… celebrates the heyday of cliff-hanger TV serials. Can our intrepid reporter find her way out of this classic dilemma? IMDb

4. Rosie – Directed by Veronica Barbosa, USA, Made in Illinois, 9:32 – Rosie and her husband, Edward, are sweethearts of the vaudeville stage. When they are away from an audience, Edward emotionally abuses Rosie. Rosie decides to sew a dress that would make her stand out and through the process, gain her independence. One night, Rosie slips and tries to get back into it. Edward believes their routine is messed up and berates Rosie in front of the audience. Edward blames the dress and Rosie must decide whether to continue or to leave. IMDb

5. Night Birds & Ghost Crabs – Directed by Robert Sickels, USA, Experimental, 5:30 – In pairing experimental imagery with interviews in which people from all stages and walks of life discuss the gamut of that which keeps them awake at night, Night Birds and Ghost Crabs documents those lonely late night moments we share with so many others the world over.

6. The Garage – Directed by Daniel McMellen, USA, Drama, 20:00 – A summer job changes everything for a young man in Indiana.



Run Time

89 minutes

Production Year


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