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Synopsis: Widowed after her husband’s overdose, Micah must confront her estranged and recently rehabilitated brother, Jojo, when he moves in the assist with the final stage of her pregnancy.



Run Time

14 minutes


Jena Brooks (Micah)
Jordan Richards (Jojo)

Directed by

Chase Davis

Produced by

Summer Schantz

Production Designer

Tyler Vogel


Jazleana Jones

Director's Statement

“To be alive is to connect with other people- to open up your heart and allow love to flow to and from you and those you share this world with. However, this risk comes with a potentially devastating cost: that the very loved ones who stand as pillars in your heart will disappoint, hurt, or leave you, and your life will begin to crumble.

This year has brought more grief, anger, and helplessness into my life than any I have ever experienced. In the face of loss, I have been tempted to draw away from others and embrace a solitude and anger that promise complete immersion in the emotions that rage within me… but in doing so I have found no healing.

This film is my attempt to show that as dangerous and difficult as it seems, turning to forgiveness and the beauty of human connection is the only thing stronger than the pain that comes when a connection is severed. We are not meant to be alone, and we are not meant to hold on to anger, even if it seems the safest place to remain. Re-opening one’s heart may be a moonshot, but it is one that will always be worth swinging for.”

Director's Bio

Born to a Kindergarten teacher who spent the majority of her pregnancy reading to her class, Chase Davis has been enchanted with the power of the written word since before she could pick up a pencil. A recent graduate of Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts, Chase has recently moved to LA to tell stories that resonate with her audience, whether fantastical adventures or pockets of life grounded in reality. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, long boarding, going to the theatre, and eating mochi with her little brother.

Production Year


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