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Synopsis: Dina has not seen her three grown children for many years. They escaped from her excessive control and live abroad. She can’t overcome her extreme fear of flying to visit them. She doesn’t stand anymore without seeing them, and along with her friends she fakes her own funeral to force them to come and see her. But her plan will unleash madness! Who could think that this plan will work?


Sponsored by:
Rebecca and Arnnon Geshuri
Tamar and George Mednick
Alison and Ron Ruebusch

After the movie, join the discussion with Director Néstor Sánchez Sotelo and his wife Executive Producer Arelis Ruiz Arias

The interview recording will be available for viewing in the “Post Film Discussions” section, located under the “2020 FEATURED FILMS” section, on the Home page.





Run Time

89 minutes



Directed by

Néstor Sánchez Sotelo

Written by

Verónica Eibuszyc
Gabriel Patolsky

Director's Statement

Dina does believe that she is the best mother of the whole world: Cult, se considera la mejor madre del mundo: A learned woman, elegant, generous, kind… well, sometimes she’s bossy and competitive. Persistent, she seeks perfection in every aspect of her life. “Maybe I’m a little nosy and controlling, but… what mother isn’t so?” She justifies herself.

Dina could never see that because of that suffocating control, their grown up children escaped from her side and taking advantage of her aerophobia (fear or flying), and they now have their lives overseas, away from her high demands.

She wants to overcome her phobia and go on a plane to visit their children, but she can’t. Besides, they keep giving her all kind of excuses for not visiting her. But Dina will find the way to make them come back, whatever it takes.
Confident about her controlling skills will avoid any disaster, Dina, along with her friends, fakes her own funeral, to make her children come and be together. But, life is full of unexpected situations and what she planned in detail, is now out of her hands… but, really, who could think that this plan will work?

My Amazing Funeral, is a film about love, love from children for her mother, siblings love, love from friends who support each other no matter how crazy everything can be, but most of all, love of a mother for her children. All this of course, from the eye of dark comedy, with a great cast and crew who made it possible.

Director's Bio

Néstor Sánchez Sotelo is an Argentinean producer, director, and writer. He is the founder and CEO of Del Toro Films, a production company with more than 20 titles completed, among them: I Am Toxic, Industria Argentina, Dead ManTells his own Tale, The Nobodies (2014), Fallen from Heaven (2016) available in Netflix, and My Amazing Funeral (2019), the last three of which were directed by Néstor.

Country of Origin


Production Year




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