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Synopsis: Unlike any other horror film you’ll see this year, Der Samurai is a German mind-bender about shape-shifting cross-dressers, bloody decapitations, repressed sexual desires and small town life. But while director Till Kleinert’s film is a surreal mix of dark comedy and eerie creep-out that recalls David Lynch. Jakob is a policeman in a village deep in the woods, where little happens until the arrival of a mysterious wolf that is causing havoc. Working the night shift, Jakob is tracking the wolf…only to discover that the lupine lurker is actually a man clad only in lipstick and a ladies’ slip, and toting a samurai sword that he uses to lop off the heads of the townspeople, including Jakob’s tormentors. Jakob and the transvestite samurai seem to share a bond, and as the night gets darker, events get even weirder. Completely bizarre yet wildly entertaining, Der Samurai is a horror must-see for the adventurous! 







Run Time

80 minutes




Michel Diercks
Pit Bukowski
Uwe Preuss
Kaja Blachnik
Ulrike Hanke-Haensch
Christopher Kane
Ulrike Bliefert

Directed by

Till Kleinert

Produced by

Anna de Paoli
Linus de Paoli

Official selection

Berlin - Germany - 2014

Sitges Film Festival - Spain - 2014

Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal - Canada - 2014


“A lot of different interpretations are going to be reached about the film, which is one of the reasons it’s so damn exciting.”
- Bloody-Disgusting.com

“DER SAMURAI will burn in your brain long after the heads, and the credits, have rolled.”
- DreadCentral.com

“The opening scenes of DER SAMURAI carry that pleasurable feeling that can be hard to come by on the current horror scene: The sense of not knowing at all where the story’s going, but that the filmmaker knows just what he’s doing.” - Fangoria

"Der Samurai is an unusual little gem of a film that excites with its own offbeat blend of horror, suspense, and visual elegance."

- thefilmstage.com

 "Well-made and  weird...reminiscent of a cross between Kill Bill and Silence of the Lambs but with a queer sensibility, Der Samurai is everything a horror fan could want, and more.  Infused with elements of art-house camp, refined psychological suspense, and schlocky B-movie slasher, Der Samurai is not only a morbidly bizarre queer thriller, but a beautifully violent allegory about the struggle with one’s sexuality, and how the repression of such carnal urges can become altogether consuming. Flourished with a heightened cinematography—which includes shadow-shrouded, gargoyle-like imagery illuminated by fiery, nightmarish colors—the film beautifully captures the psycho-sexual tension of our protagonists through a mythically macabre tableaux. So if you often find yourself looking towards the fringes of film; curiously longing for what lurks beyond the realm of safe cinema and safe horror, then Der Samurai is the film for you."    
- posturemag.com

"Take a seat and prepare to immerse yourself in the fantastical realm of Till Kleinert’s wickedly perverse and whacky imagination...Kleinert’s impressive seventy-five minute debut feature oozes style while bathing in its use of blood-soaked, reclusive metaphors to hammer home its subtext. The Samurai is an exploration of the unconscious mind channeled in the form of a wildly experimental, contemporary slasher romp.  This ultra-violent, atmospheric head trip is beautifully shot and is backed by a sensational score. The Samurai’s flashing blade is deeply memorable in the massacre sequence where we witness a group of teenagers sliced and diced from the POV of a fallen Jakob. It is a spectacular flash of anarchy which radiates like a scene from a Nicolas Winding Refn film. The infernal climax is worth the wait and cements Kleinert’s burgeoning reputation as a filmmaker with a unique voice."
-  Horrortalk.com 

Country of Origin


Production Year


Aspect Ratio

1.85: 1

Sound Mix

5.1 Dolby Digital

Official Website

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