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Synopsis: Ron Truppa (Founder and Executive Director of the Catalina Film Institute, which runs the Catalina Film Festival and the Catalina Film Channel) and Benjamin Oberman (Founder, President and CEO of Film Festival) discuss multiple subjects posed by festivals and filmmakers about virtual festivals, streaming channels, and their films on the Film Festival Flix platform. Ron and Benjamin go beyond these questions to provide transparency and clarity about the evolution of Film Festival Flix and the Catalina Film Festival.

1. Your film is invited to be on the Catalina Film Channel!
2. Why did the Catalina Film Institute chose to launch a Virtual Festival and Streaming Channel?
3. What are the Festival’s goals for Filmmakers and Audiences with their Channel?
4. What does the Festival hope to accomplish with the Catalina Film Channel?
5. What happened in the first Virtual Festival on the Catalina Film Channel?
6. What benefits can filmmakers expect from being a part of the Catalina Film Channel?

1. What’s the difference between the Festival, Virtual Festival, and Distribution?
2. Will participating in a Virtual Festival disqualify me from other festivals?
3. Will people still come to the live festival?
4. What streaming technology and rights protection are used by Film Festival Flix?
5. If my film is presented in the Virtual Festival only, how am I treated?
6. What rights am I granting to the Catalina Film Channel and Film Festival Flix?
7. How do I deliver my film to ensure the highest streaming quality possible?
8. How many films do people watch at the Catalina Film Festival?
9. How does my film make money on the Catalina Film Channel?

1. Who is Film Festival Flix?
2. What is the Catalina Film Festival film submission and selection process?
3. What are some best practices if your film is not selected for the Film Festival or Channel?
4. What opportunities are available for Filmmakers with the Catalina Film Festival?


Ron Truppa (Founder and Executive Director -- Catalina Film Instititue)
Benjamin Oberman (Founder, President and CEO -- Film Festival Flix)

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