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Synopsis: Proving that the American South does not hold a monopoly on sexually depraved, bloodthirsty hillbillies, Killbillies (aka: Idyll) depicts a harrowing tale of abduction, violence and hoped-for survival. A group of fashionistas from the city, including models Zina and Mia, make-up artist Dragica and photographer Blitcz, begin to shoot on an idyllic countryside hilltop. But soon, two physically deformed psychopathic countrymen approach them and quickly attack. After the terrified group finds themselves chained in a basement and awaiting their gruesome fate, they decide they must fight no matter what the odds. A wild, bloody, taut clash ensues between urban and rural, women and men, between savages and civilized man. A fresh, sadistic take on such classics as The Hills Have Eyes and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.







Run Time

83 minutes




Nina Ivanišin
Lotos Vincenc Šparovec
Jurij Drevenšek
Nika Rozman
Sebastian Cavazza
Manca Ogorevc
Damjana Černe
Damir Leventić
Matic Bobnar

Directed by

Tomaž Gorkič

Produced by

Zoran Dzeverdanovic


18th Festival of Slovenian Film

Best Feature Film

Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival

Best Feature Film

Nevermore Film Festival

Best International Feature

Weekend of Fear - Germany

Best Film

Friday Night Theatre Film Festival

Best Cinematography

Fright Nights Horror Film Festival

Best Feature Film

Fright Nights Horror Film Festival

Best Actress (Nina Ivanišin)

Fright Nights Horror Film Festival

Best Actor (Lotos Vincenc Šparovec)

Fright Nights Horror Film Festival

Best Mutilation Scene

Official selection

Nevermore Film Festival - 2016

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival - 2016

Trieste Science + Fiction Festival - 2016

Fright Night Theatre Film Festival - 2016

Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival - 2015

Weekend of Fear - 2015

Calgary Horror Con - 2016

Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival - Canada - 2016


“Full of gut-wrenching carnage and unbridled tension, this movie will make an excellent addition to your holiday viewing this year. When it comes to intensity, this film really knows how to take it up a notch. The tension is as thick as pasta and just as tasty…Killbillies is a big win for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it.” - ShatteredRavings

“…three levels beyond bad ass.” - AddictedtoHorrorMovies

“What made this stand above much lesser fare that I have seen is it’s just so damn well paced. The prosthetics in this film are pretty good too as is the gore; and, in terms of on screen brutality, the violence towards the group is pretty harsh…it would be a crime to pass this film off as a Euro ‘Wrong Turn’, as it is a very well put together piece of cinema which deserves your attention.” - HorrorHound

“A nifty film that makes the most out of a small cast and a handful of locations.” - CoffeeCoffeeandMoreCoffee

Country of Origin


Production Year


Aspect Ratio


Sound Mix

5.1 Dolby Digital

Official Website

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