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Synopsis: “Of Gods and Kings: The Spyros Horse” is the incredible story of the unique and ancient Spyros Horse of Greece. The film captures the spirit and beauty of this endangered horse and the passionate people working tirelessly to save them. After thousands of years, standing alongside man in battle and in the field, this rare breed is facing extinction. These noble little horses, which should be celebrated as a Greek National Treasure, are an intergral part of who we are and who we become. The debt to history remains and their future hangs in the balance.





Run Time

28:00 minutes

Directed by

Sophie Dia Pegrum
Jen Miller

Written by

Jen Miller

Prod. Company

Horsefly Films

Director's Statement


As passionate filmmakers, storytellers and great lifelong admirers of the horse, creating this film has been a unique labor of love. For us, the connection between the human and the horse has always been inherently interesting—an almost mythical bond in which horses allow us a relationship, carrying us forth, imbuing us with their power as if we had wings. That union is larger than life and inspires us in our work, to always strive to capture that magic on film. The horse and the moving image are a match made in heaven—their beauty, power, movement, grace and bravery—no other creature is so tailor-made for the alchemy that is filmmaking.

After our work creating our first documentary feature Path to Glory: The Rise & Rise of the Polish Arabian Horse, we knew there was much in the equine world that was untapped. We were inspired to create an ongoing series of documentary films that explores truly rare equine breeds and their related cultures around the world. Our fervent underlying belief that the history of man is the history of the horse, coupled with our deep passion for creating cinematically beautiful and emotional stories drove us to create Of Gods And Kings, the first of our Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust Film Library. The horse is a reminder of man’s connection to loftier nature. Our passion for this story, these people and these noble little Skyrian horses multiplied as our film grew and we connected to those involved in saving this breed.

Our most fervent hope as filmmakers and horsewomen is to share this utterly unique, unknown and endangered horse with the world. To have audiences respond with a desire to get involved in rare equine preservation is the greatest achievement this film could have. We have formed our Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust to oversee dissemination of a portion of the film’s proceeds to rare equine breeds around the world and to work with museums and other organizations in that endeavor.

We are without doubt, unabashedly enthralled with the horse and we wanted to give something back to them for all they have given the world. Of Gods And Kings was born out of our intense desire to tell this unique story to people everywhere.

We hope you enjoy the film.

Jen Miller & Sophie Dia Pegrum
Horsefly Films

Official selection

EQUUS Film Festival - USA


"Today, an alarming number of equine breeds face extinction. Many of these, such as the Skyros Horse, have made incalculable contributions to humanity. I applaud Horsefly Films for its efforts to increase public awareness of the plight of these noble creatures. As with past Horsefly projects, this is a beautifully produced film that both educates and entertains." - Bill Cooke, Director, International Museum of the Horse

Country of Origin

USA, UK, Greece

Production Year


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