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Synopsis: An A-List Girl clique starts a secret cult where each of them must embody one of the seven deadly sins. They realize there’s more to their small religious town after they go missing one by one.


Not Rated



Run Time

95 minutes


Kaitlyn Bernard (Grace Carver)
Brenna Coates (Tori Davidson)
Brenna Llewellyn (Aubrey Miller)
Keilani Elizabeth Rose (Katie Hamilton)
Jasmine Randhawa (Stacey Rodgers)

Directed by

Courtney Paige

Produced by

Hanna Griffiths
Siena Oberman
Rylan Oleksyn
Courtney Paige

Prod. Company

Globetrotter Pictures -
Neon Cinema Films

Director's Statement

Artists are meant to take risks and that’s exactly what The Color Rose is. It’s a risky, genre bending psychological love triangle with themes worth taking risks for. LGBT, diversity, women in the director’s seat and young producers are everything this industry is begging for. Siena Oberman, Hanna Griffiths and a team of amazing people and I are proud to have this in the festival circuit and shop for distribution. We feel this is a story that’s important to share regarding what can happen with extreme control in a religious conform and pushing the barriers with how far girls will go in highschool.

The Color Rose was a concept I thought of seven years ago. I wanted to expand on control, nature VS nurture and highlight what can happen to teenagers under confined circumstances. I feel The Color Rose is a relatable and a unique story that’s never been told before. It truly touches on taboo topics and bi sexual curiosity in a religious setting, which I feel is rarely done in film. It also explores the seven deadly sins in a way no other characters have embodied them before.

I have hopes to dive even deeper and develop this film into a TV series so we can truly explore each character, sin and dive deeper into the sexual curiosities of young adulthood, all the while being raised in a religious birds nest. With personal experience of that, writing this film was like entering a vortex, where you’re sixteen again, naive and pressured to believe things you feel may not necessarily be true in your heart.

In my high school years I was a big fan of Jawbreaker, Cruel Intentions and Scream. I love thriller and teen cult classics, so wanted to tell a story that was based on something I was familiar with. Growing up as a Cheerleader in the same type of small town surrounded by people who were raised in strict religious households, inspired me to choose this as the theme of my directorial debut.

Stirling Bancroft is a seven time recognized cinematographer and currently has his feature, Freaks in theatres. I was lucky to be surrounded by such a patient, creative and hard working team. I think you will find our cast delivered raw, unpredictable and riveting performances.

Everyone poured their heart and soul into this project, which was shot in my stunning hometown.

Director's Bio

Courtney Paige is an award winning Canadian writer, actress and director. The Color Rose is her feature length debut. Courtney took home best first time director, best short film and best supporting actress for her last project Butterscotch. She is on the jury panel for Diversity in Cannes, LAFA and Hollyshorts. She currently resides in Los Angeles and made her breakout performance on E!’s hit series, “The Arrangement” where she played the role of Annika. She started creating film and television concepts at the age of nine and is the founder and CCO of Globetrotter Pictures, slated to go to picture on their next feature, Neon Candy, this spring. Courtney was also listed as one of 2018’s top young entrepreneurs in the New York Journal. She is eager to embark on her directorial journey where her goal is to write riveting stories on taboo topics in a truthful way. Paige resonates with Walt Disney who said it best, “We don’t make movies to make money, we make movies to make more movies” Her biggest inspiration is Quentin Tarantino.


Leo Awards - Canada - 2020

Best Motion Picture

Leo Awards - Canada - 2020

Best Cinematography - Motion Picture

Leo Awards - Canada - 2020

Best Screenwriting - Motion Picture

Leo Awards - Canada - 2020

Best Production Design - Motion Picture

Leo Awards - Canada - 2020

Best Supporting Performance By A Female - Motion Picture

Official selection

Mammoth Film Festival - United States - 2020


Hits every turn of this roller coaster story with all pistons firing - Guns blazing, no holds barred at subjects like sexuality, sex, religion, marriage, innocence, and evil. - Cinequest

Country of Origin


Production Year


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