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Synopsis: In the comedy, THE SEX TALK, millennial roommates Aimee and Sarah try to figure out what to discuss when giving Aimee’s niece the sex talk in the modern day of feminism, sexual liberation, and the #MeToo movement.

It all starts like any other morning, with Sarah peacefully cooking her morning breakfast and Aimee kicking out her recent booty call. At the breakfast table, Aimee realizes that her niece, Gracie, is planning on having sex with her boyfriend. Having never received the sex talk herself, and knowing her prudish sister wouldn’t talk about sex, Aimee takes it upon herself to give her niece the sex talk later that day. Aimee, who is quite experienced in the coitus department, tells Sarah that it will be easy to give her niece tips and tricks to help her have a good time.

Realizing the direction this “sex talk” is going, conservative and practical Sarah steps in and suggests that Aimee also includes information about safe sex, consent, and reproduction. Aimee decides she needs Sarah’s help and they spend the whole day hilariously exploring periods, relationships, changing bodies, condoms, dildos, butt plugs, and everything under the sun in preparation for their talk with Gracie that evening. It’s overwhelming, but the two women end up learning more from each other than they expected. Even though their sex talk with Gracie turns out to be a bust, their day of discussing the taboos and joys of sex helps them both grow and step out of their comfort zones as people and in their relationships.







Run Time

12 minutes


Lily Thaisz (Sarah)
Brittney Grabill (Aimee)
Mariah Justice (Gracie)
Keegan Guy (Sean)
Sergio J. Guerra (Sean)

Directed by

Brittney Grabill
Isaiah Wesley Taylor

Written by

Lily Thaisz


Nipun Nair


Isaiah Wesley Taylor

Prod. Company

Director's Statement

What would you say when you give the sex talk to your niece? Do you talk biology? Do you talk about protection and STDs? Consent? Safety? Tips and tricks?

How often does the sex talk actually prepare a young person for the world of sex?

In creating this film, we wanted Aimee and Sarah to have contrasting sexual backgrounds and differing beliefs of what a sex talk is about. Everyone has different sexual experiences and often wish they had been prepared for this or that. In THE SEX TALK these two young women struggle to figure out what to include and not include when they talk to Gracie, Aimee’s niece.

As creators we thought it was important to not shame anyone for their experiences or different wants and needs, but rather bring light to some female experiences that aren’t often talked about. Aimee and Sarah both have hang-ups in the bedroom, and only by talking to each other do they learn how to ask for what they want and be comfortable with it. Our goal is to start a dialogue and create a safe space where women can open up about sex.

You may find yourself having strange feelings or reactions when watching these two women talk openly about sex, sex toys, misconceptions, etc. At times, we’ve experienced feelings of discomfort ourselves in making THE SEX TALK. But, sex is something we are all better off knowing more about so we can protect not only our body, but our mind and spirit.

Whether you laugh, cringe, learn, gasp, frown, fart, or whatever, we hope you feel something while watching THE SEX TALK.

From the creators,
Lily Thaisz and Brittney Grabill

Director's Bio

Director Biography – Brittney Grabill, Isaiah Wesley Taylor


Brittney Grabill is a Canadian filmmaker from Edmonton, AB Canada. She made her film debut thanks to the success of a $10,000 Storyhive grant for women in film. She directed the short film CHOCOLATE CAKE (2017) starring Manny Jacinto from NBC’s The Good Place, and had the premiere at the Vancouver Int. Women in Film Festival. For this, Brittney was featured in an interview on KTLA News during Oscar week to share her experience as a female filmmaker with the desire to maintain gender equality behind the camera.

Prior to taking on a role as a director, Brittney started out working in casting for film and television series from Netflix, Universal and NBC. This is where she worked alongside reputed directors and producers which helped her gain mentorship and resources along the way.


Isaiah Wesley Taylor is a writer-director-DP living in Los Angeles. Previous directing projects include the short film and series proof of concept, FRANK AND US, and the short film OFFICE MAN. For FRANK AND US he was also cinematographer, editor, producer, and writer. Isaiah Wesley Taylor began his writing career in high school when he picked up a preproduction version of the Jurassic Park script. A story he’s credited as an influential piece for creating interesting characters against one of life’s most interesting topics. After three years in film school he’s found his craft behind the lens as a writer-director-DP. With standing ovations for his commercial debut at the DGA in New York, award winning short films, and a post-apoc horror feature on the slate, he is headed in the right direction as someone who will make an impact in cinema.


Action on Film MegaFest 16th/17th Annual Film Festival and Writers' Competition 2020/2021 - United States - 2021

Shorts in any genre or subject matter

Inland Empire Film Festival - United States - 2020


Official selection

Lady Filmmakers Festival - United States - 2020

Canada's Yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival - Canada - 2020


You [created] a short that was so funny and well done - as a judge I [watch] a lot of films so when one makes me laugh it makes my day. - Anonymous -

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website

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