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Synopsis: Dennis is leaving NYC for Christmas, and for good for Arizona, going back to his mom’s home.
On his way to the airport, Dennis suddenly decides to go see his old lover Tom, who he still angry with.

When Dennis reaches the Irish pub where Tom is working, he decides to leave instead of talking to Tom. But Tom sees Dennis and decides to chase after him along the subway train going toward LaGuardia Airport.

On the train, Dennis refuses Tom once again, then takes a phone call from his mom. Suddenly Tom takes Dennis’s phone, Dennis chases behind. After some very chaotic interactions, they pushed a recycler’s trash bags out of the train.

The recycler yells at them and asks them to pick up all the trash spread on the platforms and stairs, when they reach the stairs, Tom tries to take the chance to kiss Dennis, but Dennis refuses once again. While Tom’s bringing the trash bags back up, Dennis suddenly realizes that he has left his luggage on the train.

Once they realize that, they soon call a Uber so that they can catch the train at the final destination. And their relationship develops in the car, a relatively more private and enclosed space…



Run Time

12 minutes


Christian Elan Ortiz (Dennis)
Javan Nelson (Tom)
Tasha Milkman (Emily)

Directed by

Dazhi Huang

Produced by

Tracey Shi

Executive Producer

Yinan Liu


Gianna Badiali

Director's Statement

I still remember the spring of 2021; I was doing a location scout with Gianna, the DP. We saw this overpacked boxing gym next to an overhead subway station- people were squeezing within the window displays and punching allocated sandbags, shouting and breathing within their masks. That describes a new world we all had to deal with.
Besides time, I would also like to talk about a place in this film: New York City- one of the most multi-cultural places in the world- becomes a stage for me to talk about the relationship between people’s relocated city compared to their hometown, as well as the possibility of rebuilding a new home that inherits the spirit of one’s hometown in a new place.

Director's Bio

Dazhi Huang is a Filmmaker, Editor, and Videographer based in New York City and Los Angeles. Witnessing the changes of globalization and public opinions in recent years through queer perspective, he enjoys exploring the clash and co-existence of different cultures, identities, and personal histories. He received an M.F.A. from the Film Directing department of California Institute of the Arts and a B.F.A. from Film/Animation/Video at Rhode Island School of Design. His fine arts background deeply shaped his process and aesthetic of making documentaries and narrative films.

Production Year


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