Online film festival platform. Exponentially increase your online film festival scope, fulfill your audience demand for an online premiere of your award winning feature and short films, create easy access for distributors to securely view film festival content, Finally offer streaming and live streaming of film festival events like Q&A's, panels and forums

Online Film Festival Platform – Needs and Solutions

  • Looking for a safe online film festival platform? 
  • Does your organization want to reach new audiences?
  • Create meaningful access for your patrons unable to attend in-person programs?
  • Dream of expanding the reach of your Award-Winner’s tour?
  • Offer your sponsors a direct and meaningful route to patrons while increasing and expanding their commitments?

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Our VIRTUAL VENUE is an app-based, user-friendly package that’s scalable to your event.

Additionally, we offer several secure solutions for your festival and its online needs. As a matter of fact, we provide guidance for the entire onboarding process. While you are the expert on your festival we’ll train you to be the expert in the online festival world. Finally, we are here to support you and your team every step of the way. As you can see, we are a simple solution for your festival’s needs.
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Film Festival Flix - About Us - Everyone can be in attendance to the VIP exclusive content. Watch on the Device You Own, go to the website or add our film festival flix streaming app to your Roku, apple TV, android, amazon fire, ios. Purchase your ticket/pass or subscribe on the website then simply log in, select your film and click play.

We power your virtual events: Festivals, Award-Winning Tours, Private Events and Year-round Streaming Channels on our secure platform while seamlessly integrating with your festival website. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, online film festivals have become a necessity for attendance to your events. Many organizations had to cancel in person events while coming up with virtual screenings to support streaming films. Here at Film Festival Flix, we have helped numerous festivals create that opportunity, allowing them to gain a world wide audience, a true hurdle with the original approach. Now, filmmakers have their feature films safely seen by more people and have the chance to create a film community not bound by physical location. As a streaming service, we work with festivals and expert curators to provide both subscription and rental based on-demand streaming access to select, award-winning and critically acclaimed films. All available on our Website and our Film Festival Flix Streaming Apps - Apple TV, Roku, Android, Amazon Fire, IOS Mobile.


Prior to working with us, clients expressed:

  • Concerns about limited staff resources and fear of new technology.
  • Frustrations with declining audience attendance, viewing, and accessibility.
  • Exhaustion from complicated systems which is confusing audiences and staff alike.
  • Pressure to provide advanced, top level security and content controls required to program quality films by distributors and filmmakers.

Why film Festival flix? Your brand, your artists and your patrons are unique to you. Whether your online festival features indie films - comedy and drama, documentaries, or curated horror movies, whatever festival experience you are creating, Film Festival Flix can help you bring that vision to a reality. With our seamless integration, you can link and incorporate the Film Festival Flix Virtual platform into all of your pre-existing website and branding pages. The FFF team provides full-service festival content on-boarding; festival scheduling of film releases and premieres; and box office creation and ticketing – including the ability to have multiple tickets/ticketing packages, donation options and voucher/discount coupons for VIP patrons, filmmakers, and marketing/ affiliate partners. Our team of professionals will help guide you through the process to make sure you can manage your festival smoothly as possible, by offering training and support. As well as marketing promotion, direct brand promotion, and additional support. We even give you 24/7 access to real-time sales reporting and analytics. We are here to deliver a streamlined and hassle-free virtual event experience.

Take a Look at the Results for Some of Our Clients

Brit Rock Film Tour – a stunning line up of films representing the best of UK climbing and adventure stories. 

Before FFF: In person viewing only in 40 cities in the UK only.
After FFF: Online viewing climbed to 1,700 cities in 51 countries.

REEL Recovery Film Festival with sponsors

Reel Recovery Film Festival -founded by Leonard Buschel and Robert downey, Sr. to increase awareness of and to reduce the stigma associated with alcoholism, addiction and mental illness through the use of film. 
Before FFF: Viewed in only 5 cities in the US.
After FFF: Viewed in 882 cities in 34 countries.

Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival – to reach out, excite and bring together the Silicon Valley community with and through the power of films that showcase the Jewish spirit, culture, traditions and humor. 
Before FFF: On the brink of bankruptcy in 2020.
After FFF: During their 2020 Virtual Film Festival, the Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival raised over $400,000 in PATRON DONATIONS and SPONSOR SUPPORT. They doubled their audience and increased viewing 600%." alt="As a content creator, one of your main concerns is most likely content security. The Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) has developed the Content Protection and Security certification program to address security throughout the M&E digital supply chain. The goal of the CPS Standard is to secure media assets at all stages of the process. Trusted Partner Network is a joint venture between the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the CDSA. TPN helps companies prevent leaks, breached, and hacks of their customers’ movies and television shows prior to their intended release and seeks to raise security awareness, preparedness, and capabilities within the industry. DRM Protection Digital Rights Management is encoded into every film’s ABR output. This requires video players on approved devices & web browsers to have unique tokens, programmatically generated for authorized users, in order to receive successful playback on all DRM content that is requested. DRM also prevent users from capturing video & audio from device-native screen recording tools on all browsers and applications.· Forensic Watermarking anti-piracy solution (premium option)· Only authorized users on approved devices within the Film Festival Flix network can stream DRM protected content. Content playback only occurs when end-users are logged in to the Film Festival Flix website or TV applications (and soon to launch mobile apps) with valid credentials, purchase history and access window. Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provide a fully encrypted end-to-end connection in compliance with secure networking protocols. Geo-Fencing/Geo-Blocking (single or multiple regions-radius around an address)· Geo-restricted content intended to limit access within specific geographic regions can be applied to films and products. Seat-Capacity Restrictions· Depending on licensing agreements and Distributor requirements you are able to limit your ticket sales to satisfy all content restrictions. Scheduled Play Time Restrictions Depending on licensing agreements, content may only be available for a limited time. Thus, time-restrictions are applied and access is strictly enforced on all time-sensitive films, series or short film content. Film Festival Flix is committed to the highest standard of security by working with Convergent Risk Solutions to ensure compliance with developing Trusted Partner Network protocols for digital platforms and best practices to protect content throughout the delivery and viewing processes. FFF has also invested heavily to build systems that allow filmmakers to upload to the platform directly, and direct delivery means reducing potential breach points.

Film Festival Flix is committed to the highest standard of security.

Convergent Risks – the leading provider of risk and compliance services for the media and entertainment industry – validated that FFF is in compliance with the MPA guidelines and developing Trusted Partner Network protocols for digital platforms.

FFF has invested heavily in our onboarding systems which now allows filmmakers to upload directly to the platform, reducing potential security breach points.

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