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Welcome to the Film Festival Flix Exhibitor Collection for Community Events.

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The Exhibitor Collection offers movies and curated festival series for live screening events. If you’re a retailer, gym, restaurant, bar, club, community group, or non-profit organization, you can host live film screening events in your venue. Engage your community, attract customers, increase sales, and raise funds.

1. Register for an Exhibitor Account and receive access to the Exhibitor Collection.
2. Check out available movies from the various festival tracks. You can watch trailers and read about the available films.
3. Subscribe to license movies for your events. Subscription pricing is based upon your anticipated audience size and the number of events you’ll host per year.
4. With your active subscription, you may preview (stream) complete movies which may be of interest for event booking.
5. Complete the Booking Form for the movie you’d like to screen at your upcoming event. We’ll add your event to the Film Festival Flix calendar, notify potential activation partners (if requested by you), and post about your event through the Film Festival Flix social media and communication channels.
6. Receive access to your booked movie’s Exhibitor Kit which has everything you’ll need for your screening event (links to download the trailer, feature, poster, landscape poster, promotional photos, press kit, Film Festival Flix identity kit, and event flyer templates).
7. Host your event.
8. Following your event, send us an e-mail with audience numbers and photos so we can share in your enthusiasm!

Choose your date(s). Choose your film(s). License your event(s).
Promote to your audience and community.
Venue is responsible for providing or renting your own screen, projector, and audio. (Quality is at the discretion of the venue). Movies are best played off of a computer or laptop.
Welcome your guests, have a great event, and sell products!

Access to our streaming Exhibitor Collection Screening Room.
Online booking request form when you know what you want.
Event (digital only) posters, flyers, and social media images.
Website, social media, and e-mail promotion to the greater Film Festival Flix audience in your area.
Films and trailers are available via Digital Download. 
Available staff to advise on event planning, promotion, logistics, brand partnerships, and movie projection / exhibition.

Film Festival Flix staff members are available to answer any questions and for event related support.
Email: info@FilmFestivalFlix.com

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