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Synopsis: To celebrate Canada’s history and Mary’s inspiring legacy we will venture onto the Illecillewaet Glacier, experiencing mountain travel and its restrictions in Victorian dresses. We will trace Mary’s footsteps and search for the rock that the Vaux family used to mark the retreat of the glacier, paying homage to a rebellious female pioneer and the important contributions of her early glacial research. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity to engage youth, especially women, to follow radical leaders footsteps in scientific fields, photography and filmmaking and encourage them to push their physical limits. At a time when the progress of women’s right is in question and the limited extent of our planet’s natural resources is known, a narrative about the significance of both is needed.







Run Time

6 minutes


Liliane Lambert (Mary Vaux)

Directed by

Agathe Bernard

Written by

Alice Weber

Produced by

Agathe Bernard


Francois Desrosier

Prod. Company

Agathe Bernard Studio

Director's Statement

The story of Mary Vaux inspired me in many ways to pursue my work as an earth scientist and filmmaker/photographer. In the process of bringing this project to life, I found myself incredibly inspired by her tenacity and motivation. Being a woman in sciences or in visual media is not the easiest road to adventure on. Managing this inferno drive bubbling inside, the physical requirements and limitations, the passion of creativity and curiosity while managing the obligations of the everyday family life is to say the least very challenging. The more I learned about Mary, the more she seeded a deep feeling of calm and assurance. “Everything is going to be ok”. Mary only married at 54 and she returned on the glacier until she passed in her eighties. Most of her work happened after she was 50. Her story makes the world go round. The film gives us perspective on some of the battles women had to endure in the Victorian era but also reminds us to stay true to our nature and persevere.

Director's Bio

Holding a passion for the world and an eye for the beauty it contains, Agathe (pronounced Agat) divides her time between the Kootenays, Vancouver Island and California. The changing landscapes feed her creative spirit and allow her to draw perspectives on environmental challenges.
Agathe is an award-winning commercial and adventure photographer/filmmaker. She is on a continual journey to seek out and capture the beauty of this world, whether it’s the beauty of some of the most extreme and pristine environments in the world or the beauty of some of a person’s most personal moments.
She specializes in female adventures in remote environments, creating narratives around climate change and ocean conservation. She won “Best Nature Photographers” by National Geographic and filmed with them in Northwest Territories and Utah/Nevada desert.
She received scholarships from the Banff Mountain Film Festival, Storyhive, Columbia Basin Trust, and Canada’s National Film Board. Her film Carving Landscapes was screened at Banff film festival, Holywood, New York, Paris and is still touring worldwide (soon in Roma and India). Carving Landscapes is about pioneer glaciologist and photographer Mary Vaux working on the Illecillewaet Glacier in Victorian dresses.
Agathe is currently finishing two films related to the Columbia River, exploring the disrupted landscapes and lives of people who lived on the Columbia River. She is also working on a new series of stories that draw on full-spectrum human experiences and inspiring ways of integrating our lives into our environments.

Past expedition films include a scientific expedition aboard Sea Dragon, a scientific vessel, correlating ocean plastic with human health in the Caribbean sea and short ski films about skier Leah Evans in Iceland.
Agathe finds purpose in sharing her experience and knowledge as an earth scientist to inspire people to be responsible, innovative and proactive in their decision-making while empowering people to live the life they have always dreamed of. She is part of the Girls Do Ski as a photographer. Women are brought into the backcountry to develop personal and technical resilience techniques in the mountains.
In the winter, she formally worked as a backcountry guide and professional photographer/filmmaker in the snowy British Columbia Mountains. Through years of exploring remote areas, she accumulated much first aid experience and resilience in difficult situations, from dealing with a hundred banditos in remote northern Peru and team kidnapping to exploring remote areas of the Arctic, always with a heavy pack on her shoulders.
She recently completed a graduate certificate in Environmental Education and Communication at Royal Roads University to refine her communication skills and build resilience within communities while bringing important messages positively, inspiring, and hopeful.
Former Director of Communications for the North Columbia Environmental Society, she is now giving her time and skills to the Rugged Coast Research Society.
She continues to contribute her visual work and scientific knowledge for other NGO’s with conservation and educational goals.
Agathe’s work was published in National Geographic, Canadian Mining Journal, Globe and Mail, Powder, FreeSkier, Ski Journal, Kootenay Mountain Culture, Highline, Mountaineer, Kootenay Business, Canadian and international newspapers. She has periodically discussed scientific findings and projects on the Canadian National radio CBC and collaborated on five book projects.
She was selected by Nikon as “100 of the best photos in 100 years”.

You might get a glimpse of her and her best four-legged friend, Leo Burrito, somewhere around a snowy peak, a rugged coastline or cooking a delicious meal in her home on the road camper.


North Valley Film Festival - 2019

People's choice (Carving Landscapes film)

Official selection

Banff Film Festival - Canada - 2018

Directed By Woman Film Festival - United States - 2018

Lady Filmmaker Festival - United States - 2018

Wild & Scenic - United States - 2019, 2020, 2021

Vancouver International Woman Film Festival BC - Canada - 2019


Stunning Cinematography! -

Country of Origin


Production Year


Official Website

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