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Synopsis: Julie, Jean, Justine and Antoine reunite for their brother’s funeral wake.
An opportunity for them to gather and share their best memories, but also more painful ones.
Between laughters and settling scores, they will not only bury a brother but also the convictions, guilt and an authoritarian family that caused, by its adamancy, the loss of one of them .




Not Rated



Run Time

15 minutes


Damien Boisseau (Jean)
Stefen Eynius (Antoine)
Anne-Hélène Orvelin (Julie)
Anne-Laure Gruet (Justine)

Directed by

Marie Vandelannoote

Director's Bio

Marie Vandelannoote was born in Le Mans, France. She is a director, screenwriter, producer, and editor. She began her career in a radio station in 1996 in Lyon, France. She’s been writing for television and video games for 15 years, and also regularly writes for literary magazines in France and Quebec.
She lives in Quebec City, Canada, and writes in both French and English.


Vegas Movie Award - United States - 2020

Award of Excellence Best Indie Short (Marie Vandelannoote, Director)

Hollywood Gold Awards - United States - 2020

Best Actress (Anne-Laure Gruet, Actress)

Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival - United States - 2020

Best Drama Short (Marie Vandelannoote, Director)

Long Story Short - Romania - 2020

Best Short Film (Marie Vandelannoote, Director)

Screen Power Film Festival - United Kingdom - 2020

Best Short Film, Best Actress (Marie Vandelannoote, Director - Anne-Laure Gruet, Actress)


"I truly enjoyed Funeral. It is a true testament of independent film making and it really does go to show that you do not need a lot of money to make a good short film, you just need hard work and skill, and Funeral has it all in abundance." - Carl Brugess, Screen Critix

"Dramatically performed and bearing all manner of life's enduring quandaries, Funeral is a profound examination of the fallout from someone's passing. The repercussions and personal reverberations are compellingly explored by a talented cast and skillful director." - Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"Thoughtful and intimate, challenging and insightful, Funeral is the kind of film that leads to post-viewing conversations and extended periods of personal reflection. It may even cause you to call your loved ones. " - Richard Propes, The Independant Critic

"The most appropriate term to capture the essence of this project is “human”. Thus, ‘Funeral’ is one of the most humane and authentic projects about our nature and about our emotional reactivity, that we had the opportunity to award in our festival." - TMFF

"The beauty of "Funeral" lies in the way in which its multi-layered script draws to a single collective realisation. Over the course of their conversation, the characters bring up elements of regret, anger, frustration, blame, love, nostalgia, sibling rivalry and pretty much everything else, while the twist at the end left me with goose bumps. Filmmaker Marie Vandelannoote certainly deserves applause for keeping the viewer fooled through the film, although this is just the icing on a beautifully crafted cake. A single scene conveys a hard-hitting message, helped along by gripping acting. Changes in the background score take the viewer on a journey, while the overall narrative rises and falls with almost perfect timing." - Aftab Bose, Indy Film Library

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